Neglet and Barking Dogs!

earthygal52November 7, 2010

I have a neighbor who has a roommate whom just moved in recently and both these women own dogs. One is a Standard Poodle the other a Mutt. The poodle when outside barks at anything and everything and it gets really annoying. Since this woman moved in it has taught the mutt to do the same thing. I don't know these women , but my Bf whose house where we live does. I'm not working right now, so I hear this constant barking and these women are home when this happens. I've gotten to the point , where I'm going to call Animal Control because I just think they are not being responsible owners. What is wrong with people that allow this??? I don't even want to talk to them because I feel what's the point, they know it's happening. I also wanted to mention that I do love dogs, but this is ridiculos.

Any suggestions would be welcomed.

Thank you!!!

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I understand your may be the owners have tuned out the dogs or feel overwhelmed. Some dog owners just dont know how to handle their dogs and barking can be a hard behavior to control if the owners dont have a good idea of how to get a handle on it. It sounds like the dogs dont get much outside time, which means they are frustrated and are releasing their energy by barking - I call it the fish bowl syndrome, they dont get out enough, and dont have jobs, so they fill the need to do something by barking. My suggestion - go over and talk to them. Let them know that the dogs are becoming a nuisance and try not to yell and threaten, just let them know the facts. Suggest they take the dogs to a trainer - sometimes the local humane society will have discounted classes, or that they purchase or rent a dog whisperer video on uncontrolled barking. Your last resort should be the local animal control.
For yourself, keep a log of when the dogs bark and how long as well as the time and day you went to talk to them, that way if you do end up having to call the animal control you will have a record of how long you have suffered. Good luck

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