Kitchen workout

plllogMarch 9, 2013

As if rolling pastry weren't already about shoulder strength...

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He can make pie for me any day!

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I object to the tennies on the counter! Cute as he is, he'd be smooshing that pie dough into a film on the counter with that much pressure. And the mom in me says that his toes are going to slide back, which will crack his chin on the island, and then there will be blood all over the place and that pie dough will have to be started all over!

As I used to tell 6th graders who insisted on leaning back in their chairs, "When you tip over and crack your head, you're going to be the one cleaning up all the blood!"

Is this guy a Marine? He looks like a Marine.

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suzzane... I tell my students the same thing and then relay the story of my son cracking the back of his head in 3rd grade when he did the very same thing.

Thanks for the eye candy plllog. Good to "see" you!!

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C'mon you guys, give the guy a little credit for helping out in the kitchen! I think the crust is turning out much more nicely than mine ever do....

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Is he using the vodka recipe?

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LOL -I haven't tried that one but am a bit out of shape. Guess I have some work to do :-)
I am guessing a marine also

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Haha! ;-) I could barely notice the eye candy, because I'm with Suzannesl, and instead I was seeing him slip at one end or the other and his chin opening up on the stone counter and a trip to the dr to check for concussion and get stitches. I do admire the strength and the multitasking!

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He can hang out in my kitchen anytime after he has had a shower :)

Plllog - welcome back.. Great to see you..

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I was more excited at seeing Plllog's name than I was a hot guy showing off his muscles! Hi there! I've missed reading your insightful, knowledgable posts. :)

Agree that he will most definetly fall, requiring stitches in the emergency room and about the shower bit. He looks to be rolling a rectangular pastry. Perhaps a long narrow tart shell? Sorry, rectangular pantry is on my mind since staying up until 2:30 am last Saturday night making two Stilton tarts with cranberry chutney MIL hired me to make for her gardening event. Between dough chilling, blind baking, cooling, cooking, and cooling, it took many hours with only one 13"x4" tart pan.

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Hi! Thanks, everyone, for the greetings! Real life has been demanding, and I had to make a choice to stay away from the time sink. :(

I do get the point given by those who see accidents waiting, but those sneakers are probably really grippy, and there's a piece of exercise equipment that's a wheel with handles for doing this kind of pushup with. I really don't think he'll fall. :) Actually, the narrative in my head was that granny saw him working out and rolling that thing or a ball or something, and said, "If you're going to do that, you might as well get some good work out of it," and pulled him into the kitchen. :) Probably not expecting the toes on the counter. :)

Breezy, your tarts sound fab! I was guessing a springy dough because it's not totally mashed down. Pizza, maybe, :)

Whatever it is, I figured I had to share it with my TKO besties. :)

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