How to clean the inside of a brass faucet

knot2fastAugust 21, 2013

I bought a used commercial stainless steel sink to use as a slop sink in my basement. It came with a faucet attached that I intended to remove and replace.

However, after removing it, I noticed it was rather heavy compared to cheap faucets I was looking at. I took it apart and it's a nice chromed brass Price Pfister Savannah model with solid brass internals. I found a pair of new ceramic cartridges for it and I'd like to finish cleaning it up and reuse it.

There is quite a bit of scale and mineral deposits on the inside of the mixing body. How is the best way to clean that out? I'm mostly concerned about the amount of scale built up around the cartridge valve seats. I'd like a nice clean metal surface to install the new cartridges against.

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Vinegar will desolve most water deposits.

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Yes, soak itin white vinegar

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