Whole House Filter advice (any good alternatives to Culligan?)

hautingluAugust 26, 2009

My place has a Culligan X (green sand) whole house filter that the previous owners were renting for $35/month. I sales guy came out because I was interested in what else they had that I could buy instead of renting (the price is now almost $50 with delivery and taxes).

He tested the well water and found:

-Naturally soft water. -pH: 7.5

-Hydrogen Sulfide present.

-Iron: 3ppm or less

So the rotten egg (sulfide) is the problem.

My options with Culligan are (#1 - #3):

1. Continue the once-per-month tank changes on the green sand system @ $50/month.

2. Switch to a longer rotation period (56 days; since there's only 1 person in the house) @ $40/month.

3. Purchase their Sulfur Cleer whole house system, which will also catch the iron. Price is $2050. Estimated life of the media is: low end 3 yrs, high end 6 yrs. I figure since it's only me but with higher sulfur I can get 4 yrs out of it. Replacement media after that is $350.

4. Tap into city water @ $2000 for water + trench and hook up, etc etc.

5. Alternative company?

6. Another thing the guy mentioned was paying $150 for Sulfur-Cleer system and then paying $10/month for 3 months as test period. If I like it, I can apply the cost to the $2000. If I don't like it, they take it out and I'm out $200.

Has anyone here purchased a system to treat sulfur? I'm leaning towards #3 for the $2k system because I don't have a need to tap into city water for the time being.


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Was your well water tested for bacteria and nitrates?
The water conditions of your well can always change.

Get a water conditions statement from the city water department. If the water from the city is satisfactory hook up to the city water system.

There's no maintenance or repairs or media replacement with the city water.

City water hookup will add value to your home.

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It was tested by the previous owner in Jan, 09 for bacteria and came back clear (I'd have to find the paper again).

Water from the city (township) is fine. All the developments around here are hooked in. I guess I'm trying to hold off on the water/sewer hook up until later after money is freed up. But you're right, I need to get estimates for the install.

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I guess I'm trying to hold off on the water/sewer hook up until later after money is freed up.

You said #3 would be $2050+ and #4 $2000. Seems #4 is cheaper.

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That is true (partly), because "...trench and hook up, etc etc." is about $15/ft as a rough estimate. I have about 100-150ft between the house and might have to zip-zap around sheds and trees.

Guess only way to find it out is to get an actual quote, which I will do shortly.

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I have sulfur in my well water. Purchased a stenner chlorine pump, holding tank, and catalyptic carbon filter. Had to pour some chlorine into my water heater due to the aluminum annode that supports a colony of the bacteria. Total cost for all (installed myself) was about $1500. All I do now is add a couple of gallons of chlorine every 6 months or so. Water is clear, odor free, disinfected and the chlorine is removed by the carbon filter.

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You currently have a portable exchange tank. Is there a reason for this (community restrictions, drainage problem, etc) other than it was there from previous homeowner. Greensand filters are a pain in the butt. They say to re-bed the sulfur cleer every 3-6 years but they can go much longer. I have used these type airation/oxidizing filters for 20 years and have great success with them. They need to backwash every other day (usually 2 BW @ 10-15 min each. You do need at least 40-60psi from well to effectively backwash these filters. This system can also draw in bleach to clean the media and extend bed life. I have had a similar type system (super s) on 4 people, 2ppm FE and .5ppm H2S for 13 years and still working great. If the price they gave you is installed that is a very good price. Many type air/oxidizing filters sold on the internet will go for $2000+.
Here is a link to internet supplier for the same system (Clack valve)


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