Occasional vomiting.......what do you think?

booboo60November 30, 2010

This is kind of a tough one because I have taken my 2 yr.old spayed female lab to the vet just weeks ago and she was given a clean bill of health. She has vomited before just like she is now and she just quits doing it. She throws up her kibble after a few hours and it seems to just be the kibble and only partially digested. She may only vomit a few times a week for maybe 2 weeks and then she may not do it again for months and months. Dh and I live on a small farm but Ruby is never out of sight for very long because she goes out with us when we do our chores; feed the other animals, etc. Of course, she wasn't vomiting when she had her check-up but I have asked the vet about it before and she said something like," oh, labs you know how they are; always getting into things and eat like it's their last meal". Ruby has now been vomiting every day for about the last 5 days; maybe once or twice a day. It is always partially digested kibble; no foam, no bile, no blood. We have been trying to feed her smaller meals more often during the day, it helps some but when she does throw up the "pile" is just smaller. We have changed her dog food a few times in the past and now wonder if we should again? She acts normal, of course she hangs her head after she vomits but after that she seems fine. She is starting to lose some weight. If we were to take her to the vet what do you think they would do...x-ray maybe? Thank you for reading all this; just don't know what might be causing this !

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If she's eating in-between and keeping that down, I would try a high quality food, feed her small quantities, and pre-soak it before you feed her. If the vomiting continues, then get the vet check.

What are you feeding now? Check to see if it has any corn, wheat or fillers in it. Also check to make sure it's shelf life hasn't expired or that it hasn't gone rancid. Take a good whiff of it and see if it smells fresh.

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I really don't think this is about the food. Vomiting two or three times a day and after even small meals - this sounds like a possible blockage or tumor. Please do get her to the vets. You've given it time to resolve and it hasn't.

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I actually am leaning towards changing her dog food. I will try one of the really good natural ones, like Innova, Natures Variety, etc.
cynthia, she is not vomiting 2 or 3 times a day; it has been once or twice and actually, once yesterday and nothing today so far. She has had a check-up with the vet inspecting her from one end to the other. It just seems to be occasional and I am thinking it could be her food. She is not eating real cheap food but it isn't one of the best either. Thanks so much for the help and concern! I will report back.

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when you say she was given a clean bill of health I'm assuming this was just a basic check up by the vet? yes labs do get into anything, but if my dog was vomiting daily I would get her to vet asap. It could be something simple but the occasional vomiting could have been an early symptom of something that is now becoming serious. I have had a dog vomit when fed a particular brand of kibble and changing to another brand stopped the problem right away, but you've already changed her food a few times so I would at least try and eliminate any health issues that could be causing it, she is already losing weight and that would worry me.

The vet can do a blood panel, it's a simple procedure and not particularly expensive and they just draw some blood and test it to see if anything shows up, and they can give her a more thorough physical exam to see if she is tender or tensing up, feel for lumps and bumps.

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When she starts the vomiting, feed her three small meals a day. She is eating too much at once, I think and it swells in her stomach as it takes up moisture. She gets rid of some of it because her stomach is uncomfortable.

If you watch after she vomits, she will probably re-eat about half of it but not all.

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She should be checked for foreign objects in the stomach. Sounds like X-ray time.

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