New Pool Build in League City, TX

Galaxy_mpJanuary 21, 2013

Hello everyone, I have gotten a lot of good information from this site so I would like to pay back by sharing my build with you. We are first time pool owners and decided it was time for a pool. Here are the specs of our pool.

Pool Size: 35' x 24' Custom Freeform
Depth: 3' x 7'
Surface Area: 540 Sqft
12" Raised spa
Perimeter Ft.: 98' pool and 23' spa
10' x 4' tanning ledge, with umbrella sleeve & (2) bubblers
Steel reinforcing throughout pool structure 8” O.C. ,with 12” beam, & 8” walls & 10” floor
Concrete Gunite structure to be a 6 sack mix
Cli Quartz Pool Interior Grey w/blue quartz

Hayward Pro-Grid DE6020 60 Sq. Ft. D.E
Hayward 2 1/2 H.P. Tristar 2- speed pool pump
Hayward Tri star 3 hp booster pump
(2) Hayward L.E.D. pool lights and 1 spa
Sta-Rite Max-E-Therm 400,000 BTU, Natural Gas, w/Cupro Nickel Headers
Pro Logic 2 Wireless control center w/wireless remote
Goldline 40k gal salt system
2 skimmers with self adjusting weir doors
8- 1 1/2" pressure return lines pool 2 spa
Automatic Fill Line with Vac breaker
SVR Safety Drains

4" Pour with 12" O.C. steel rebar #4
600 sqft design stamped concrete Pattern of deck to match pool coping (cantilever)
Hayward Tiger shark robotic pool cleaner

7' x 8' freeform
Elevated 12" w/ stone exterior
Stacked Stone overflow
1 1/2 hp Silencer blower

18' wide, 6' tall 7' deep moss rock waterfall slide grotto
6' wide 3' deep grotto w/light, stone facia walls
8' moss rock on beam notched 2 rows
15' slide faux finish

Pool Outline

PB came out and started to dig on January 4, 2013. It started to rain so they stopped and came back the next day. Took 3 days to dig.

On January 7, 2013 they came out to install the rebar. For the next 2 days it rained.

On January 10th they applied the Gunite. Took them a little longer to spray because of the humidity. The mix got clogged in the lines a few times. They were not able to spray, then other times it was spraying more water than mix.

This is where my Equipment will be. Out of sight and help muffle the noise a little.

They delivered some of the Equipment yesterday and plan to come tomorrow to run the plumbing.

Wednesday they plan to install the waterline tile.

It looks like small possibility for rain on Thursday and Friday, so they may have to wait till next week to pour the deck.

I will keep up the updates as they continue on.

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Looks really good -- can't wait to see it finished. Clever idea for the equipment, too!

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Wishing you the best of luck.


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Thanks I cant wait to see the finished product either.

Builder came on January 21-22 to do the some of the plumbing, Tile and Flagstone. We went with Master Tile MAS SR 160 for the waterline tiles. As for pool plaster we are thinking about the Mediterranean color, the stone work will be Red moss rock and the deck will be a combination of Proline Sand Color and Artg Mojave for the accent color.

1) Any advice: We are thinking about having either flagstone on the tanning ledge or going with a sand color plaster on that section for an accent and still have the Mediterranean color for the rest of the pool.

2) Should there be so many 90's in the plumbing? It looks like they should just dig down a little more so they can come straight out of the side of the walls for the returns?

These are the pipes that will supply the Waterall

On January 23-25 they came to dig the electrical and gas trenches and put in the gas lines with the copper bonding cable. They should be back today to finish the pluming and run the lines for the lights. I believe they are waiting on the inspector to cover up the trenches and start the decking.

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Lookin' good

League City has building inspections? Who knew?

Yes, your plumbers could have dug deeper but, from experience, that clay is tough digging by hand. Don't worry it won't be enough restriction to compromise the water flow.

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Yes League City had to come out and inspect the Steel before they could shoot the gunite. They also have to inspect the electrical and gas line before the decking.

I figured they could have dug deeper instead of having to put 90's on the pipe. I do agree I planted a palm tree and that clay is a pain to dig.

I did a search on here a few weeks ago and saw some pics with the tanning ledge a different color plaster than the rest of the pool. The tanning ledge color flowed down the wall a little. Now I can not find it, Can anyone point me in the right direction.

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I love, love, love your tile and stone. From strictly an esthetics standpoint, the stone would be beautiful on your shelf. As long as it holds up in your environment, I'd do that.

Is your heater under the slide? How did that pass code? We had so many restriction about where we could/couldn't put our heater it was maddening.

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Thank you, although I can't take credit for the tile and stone selection. We all know its the wifes decision haha She picked it out and i agreed it is nice. As for the stone on the tanning ledge I am a little worried about it holding up in Salt Water that is why I was thinking about using a Sand color plaster for the tanning ledge and the Mediterranean color for the rest of the pool.

Our PB told us that the flagstone will hold up very well since it will always be submerged. He informed us that the reason flagstone erodes is due to the water evaporating and leaving the Salt on the exposed flagstone on coping and decks?

I am not sure about the heater yet the inspector has not come so i am not sure if it will pass. I will let you know what they say. what where the restrictions?

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I swear I responded to this earlier! Hmmm. Anyway, we wanted our equipment pad and enclosure on the hidden side of the house, which is where the laundry room window is. But we needed to have the gas heater x number of feet from the window and we couldn't have the enclosure we wanted because it didn't allow enough circulation around the equipment.

It all worked out in the end. It's all good now!

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looks good. i m in cypress, will be interested in seeing how it goes.

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For those that don't realize it, the CO2 emissions from the exhaust of a gas fired heater are the issue. Having them go in a nearby window to the house is not a good idea, hence, the restrictions.


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Looks like you are in Sedona, which means we are about to be neighbors! We are currently interviewing builders and hope to have pool construction start as soon as we close on the house (late May). Who is y'all's builder?

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wishing you all the very best for your work...
till now your work looks great you reallly works hard...

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Thanks for the info on the CO2 thats something I did not think about. He has placed the exsaust slightly outside the gratto, so hopefully it will be ok.

Yes we are in Sedona, we had the house built about a year ago and love it. What section are you building in? We are using Bradley Custom Pools. He is a great sales men and does really good work (so far) but having problems with scheduling. I have not posted any new pics because there has not been any work done since the last pictures. Getting a little frustrated with him right now.

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We are in section 3, the first house across the street from the new models. They should finish framing tomorrow and hopefully we will be in by the end of May.

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Here's a photo of that "two-tone" pool finish. I liked it too and copied it for my dream-pool album. I'm sorry to say, I didn't note the thread it came from. The owner may recognize their pool and chime in. The margin is hard to see hiding near the shadow line. I think that shadow will make it very effective. Much better than an abrupt change of color.

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