Does this mean my cat hates dogs?

stir_fryiNovember 20, 2009

My cat has rarely ever seen a dog. Only two occasions -- my brother brought over his small malti-bichon. This dog lives with two cats and totally ignores them. I expected my cat to run and hide. Instead he hissed and stalked him. Then parked himself about 12 feet away and just stared at him.

The other day we put my neighbors cocker spaniel puppy up to the window where the cat was looking out. Dog did not react but cat hissed away.

Does this mean I should never get a dog? Or does it mean nothing because proper introductions were not done?

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IMHO, I think you won't be able to tell until you can slowly introduce a dog and a cat over a period of time.

I have 5 cats, 2 dogs ... the 2 oldest cats were here before the dogs and don't want to have anything to do with them. They keep their distance. The other 3 cats were raised with the dogs and they are buddies with the dogs. Even when the dogs chase them.

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Most cats accept dogs a lot easier than they accept other cats, though it's critically important to prevent the dog from making ANY type of overtures toward the cat (barking, growling, whining, snarling, chasing, approaching, following, or staring) until the cat has accepted and feels comfortable with the dog. If the cat wants any contact with the dog, the cat must be allowed to initiate it.

Some cats run and hide from unfamiliar dogs, while others become aggressive and set down the law right from the get-go. Your cat apparently falls into the latter category. That doesn't mean that he can't live peacefully with a dog. It just means that he'll need to set the rules and boundaries for the dog, and you'll have to make sure that the dog respects that and is not allowed to in any way retaliate. Your cat will almost certainly relax once he is convinced that he's made his point with the dog and established his place in the social hierarchy.


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hehehe. That the cat is asserting itself and not running away is an easier behavior to deal with if you do get a dog, it means that your cat is curious although wary about dogs. MY friends cat did this when they first brought their chihuahuas home, and within a couple of months the dog was running from the cat!! They were best friends til the end chasing each other through the house and wrestling around.

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My dog has been living with me for almost a year and a half and still my youngest cat hisses and growls at the dogneverytime she sees him. When the dog gets far enough away from her she settles down. I've also caught her stalking the dog a couple times. My cat was like yours in that she had never seen a dog before I brought one home. My other cat was a rescue and had been around dogs before. He could care less about the dog unless he gets stepped on by it.

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