Water softener and "Iron Out"

jlnjzAugust 27, 2013

I believe that adding the product "Iron Out" while adding salt pellets to the water softener is making my water smell like rotten eggs. I just refilled the whole salt tub (not sure of the right name)and added "Iron Out" is there a way to quickly flush all of it out of the tank? By the way, we have a well and I know all about sulfur bacteria and the various ways to chlorinate, deal with anode rods etc. we have done all of that and all was good. Then, our old softener died and we rented a new one and set up a salt delivery program. I had always used the pellets that had the "rust remover" but the delivery company didn't offer that and recommended the use of "Iron Out". After a lot of reading online I really feel like the iron out is my current issue and just want it all out of my salt tank.....on top of that I think I may have added too much this time. I took the cover off the salt tank and the fumes about knocked me out. HELP!!

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Rotten egg smell is usually from H2S or sulfur reducing bacteria, or a chemical reaction with the WH anode. Iron Out has it's own smell, but I've never heard of Iron Out causing the rotten egg smell but if you're sure that's what it is. Repeatedly shocking the well does not cure either the symptom or the disease. The cause of the smell needs to be determined and treated.

Since you say you had the egg smell problem solved with your old softener and it returned with the new rental softener we have to look there.

Perhaps you did use way too much Iron Out so all you can do now is dump all the salt in the brine tank. Wash the brine tank out thoroughly with cold water. You NEVER want to fill the brine tank all the way up with salt.

There is an easier way to use Iron Out then as described on the package. When used properly Iron Out works better than the rust remover salt and it's EZ to do.

Tell me what brand, model, and size softener and what your water conditions and water usage are and then I can help you get back up and running and tell you how to use Iron Out correctly.

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