Plumbing cost to install Grohe Grohe GR-T405

VicTx2012August 19, 2013

Hello All,

I REALLY need your help.

I just got a plumbing estimate for installing following fixtures as part of my master bathroom renovation. Mine is a typical 2-story house in Houston,Tx.

1) Grohe GR-T405 Starlight Chrome Bridgeford Thermostatic Shower Trim with Three Volume Control Trims, Showerhead, Handshower with Slide Bar, Three Body Sprays and Lever Handles.. It has wall (and NOT ceiling) mounted rainshower head. This requires 1 qty of 34 397 3/4" Thermostatic Rough in Valve and 3 qtys of 29 274 3/4" Volume Control Rough in Valve

2) 2 single hole bathroom faucets and

3) Rim Mounted Tub Filler with Hand Shower.

I was shocked when I saw this estimate of $3900 from my plumber. This is MORE than what I am paying for the hardware.

So, I want to ask following questions :

1) Is this estimate too high or just about right? I have no idea whether I should negotiate and if so, what are the reasonable plumbing charges for installing these items?

2) Has anybody ever installed Grohe shower system and how is the experience so far?

3) How is Grohe shower system from maintenance point of view?

4) Will you recommend any other similar shower system other than Grohe?

Thanks a LOT in advance.

Here is the link to Grohe GR-T405 :

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I'm an engineer and a DIY'er. I installed a GroheFlex rough-in valve in my bathroom remodel last week. It took me a better part of a day to frame / and stub out the valve. In addition, you want three body sprays, each with it's own volume control. All these valves have to have framing in the wall, and they all have to be plumbed together. Then he has to supply fittings / tubing, etc. He has to install the tub valve. The faucets aren't too much work.

How much work does he need to do for the drain lines?

If you think it's too high get another bid.

IMHO I don't understand why people want all these body spray showers. But that's just my personal thought.

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you are right when you said "I don't understand why people want all these body spray showers". Now......I am,also, feeling the same way after looking at this estimate and will go something without body sprays. you think it is reasonable? I have NO basis to judge hence I feel it is outrageous UNLESS you tell me otherwise.

Thanks for your reply.

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I purchased Grohe: 35-026 GroheFlex rough in valve, 28-448 Shower Head, and a 19-849 Thermostatic valve with diviter. Plus the tub spout - and was somewhere around $1000 for a shower/tub setup.

I figure a licensed tradesman - will want atleast $60/hr - I'd say more like $75/hr - and I'd guess $125 for 'spot' work. The guy probably has 50% overhead for his truck / business insurance / health insurance / tools / overhead.

A bathroom is probably the most expensive room in the house. You want the valves installed correctly in the tile walls, level, to the proper depth, etc.

Have you seen his other work? Or spoken to previous clients? Is he going to do the work (I hope not sub it out, or give it to a 'helper').

I don't know how much material he is going to supply (fittings / PEX / copper / PVC) , etc

I think you would feel better in getting another estimate - but it may be apples to oranges - since you are changing the original design.

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Not surprising. That's a lot of work.

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