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kashka_katNovember 12, 2012

Figgy is one of the 2 younger cats I got a few years ago - the problem child. The down side of getting a shelter cat is you don't know what their upbringing or history has been.

Figgy may have been taken away from Mom too soon, or maybe he was hungry for a long time before he was trapped and taken to the shelter. Apparently he was living with a colony of feral cats and was trapped with the rest of them. When they realized he was friendly they neutered him and adopted him out rather than put him back outside.

In any event, Figgy can't get enough food - he eats everything, has gotten into the fish food and eats that. Rips the trash apart and eats anything remotely edible. Hhe gobbles his food down and pukes it up, and then (gross alert! don't read further if you're easily grossed out!!) he eats the puke. The vet says the puking is from gobbling his food and not from illness (you can see that it's not been chewed but inhaled).

He's also quite needy, like velcro loves to be held and he has this thing about liking to look into my eyes. It's quite sweet actually, but then at other times he gets all rambunctious and rude, is constantly asserting his dominance over Orange (other cat) by knocking him off of the sofa and just swatting and jumping at him for no reason. He even bats at my legs and swats me in the face at times.

Since he was neutered at age 3 or 4, I suspect he was living the life of a tom cat all that time and so he's still doing the tom cat thing of claiming territory. How do I help him to become more civilized?

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No advice, but I feel for you.
We got a former stray that eats like that. I have lost 2 duvet covers and a blanket because one of the other cat had thrown up on it when we were not at home. Not only did he eat the throw up but the proceeded to eat a large hole into the material because there must have been a trace of something "edible" on it. I'm just glad that he has not had a bowel obstruction yet.
He also has to eat separate from the other 3 because he eats so fast that he than pushes the out of the way and finishes their food. Oh, and he loves lettuce.

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As far as eating too fast is concerned, feed smaller meals 2-3 times a day, and put several clean golf balls in his food bowl that he'll have to eat around. That'll slow down his eating and hopefully help avoid the regurgitation.

I also recommend you take him to your vet for a Total T4 thyroid test. Voracious appetite and aggressive/hyperactive behavior are both common symptoms of hyperthyroidism. It's possible that these behaviors are the result of his feral upbringing, but hyperT needs to be ruled out. If he does have uncontrolled hyperT, that could be doing all sorts of potentially serious damage to his physiology.


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