Pet poo compost bin.... have one?

caligalNovember 12, 2010

I am thinking of purchasing a pet poo composter. It is a stacked two container unit that uses red worms in the top container. The lower container holds the liquid waste from said worms. Then you take the liquid tea and mix it with water and pour around your ornamental plants.

I can't use the septic type of unit (dog dooley) because my soil is clay and it won't drain well.

Is anyone composting pet poo? I know I can not put it in with regular composting from our food waste.

I only found one previous thread regarding this subject, but it was from 2004.

The link below is the type I am considering. A little pricey, but may be worth trying.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pet Poo Converter

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I have soil that is nearly pure clay and the dooley system worked fine for me (just gotta dig a deep hole and really keep up with adding the bacterial/enzyme stuff on schedule). I have 8 dogs and I used that system for 4 years... I did NOT keep up with the enzyme stuff and it did eventually fill up with partially digested poo... so I had to finally bury it. But my soil is so clay that I can fill it with water and it will still have water in the hole I dug in a week. This system actually improved the drainage of the clay soil, though, so that was not a problem at all. It didn't drain well at first the first month, but it then it started to drain better and better. Eventually fillin the hole to the top with water became a challenge. That's when I started getting lazy. Yard is now so full of plants and planter boxes I no longer have room for digging another or I would... sure beats hauling 8 dogs worth of poo to the trash every day.

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I use the clumping litter for my cats and would love to put the 'clumps' in my compost pile. Are there any chemicals in the litter to make this unwise? The pile is completely caged so I even put meat scraps in there - animals other than rodents can't get in so even the dogs couldn't get to the clumps.

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I have two dogs and I compost their poo in my regular compost pile.

I think the clumping litters have clay in them that doesn't break down in the compost pile.

If you used a compostable cat litter like yesterday's news or feline pine, it would be fine for composting.

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Our local organic gardening guru (Howard Garrett) says to put the dog poop in the compost pile with your yard and kitchen waste. He writes for the paper and has a radio show.


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This time of the year, I just throw the dog piles (huge - 2 labs) into the garden beds. It is gone by the spring. Other times of the year, I put the dog stuff under my evergreen shrubs.

Still don't have answers about clumping litter in compost piles. I need a place to put cat litter clumps where the dogs won't get to them. Now that the cats are inside more, they use their litter 'pool' and it has to be cleaned daily. Too much to bury.

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