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snuggles2010August 28, 2011

I have a well that supplies only outdoor water faucet water. Inside water is municipal. The well has a submersible pump and there is no water tank. I've never had a well before. All works reasonably well except when I am not consuming water, the pump kicks on and off about every 15 minutes. My water pressure is 50 psi and I don't really notice the pressure drop that should cause the pump to kick on. Nothing appears to be leaking either. The on/off is annoying. I'm in the habit of turning the pump off when not in use however the switch is hidden down in the basement so its a pain to have to turn on/off each use - mostly in summer when watering plants outdoors. I'd prefer to leave it on but the cycling is irritating. Is this a standard thing or a sign of some abnormal issue?

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Pump cycling as described will destroy your pump in short order.

That's typically why the tank is used, to stretch a nominal number of start-ups over the warranted life span.

But your info is inadequate. If the pump is controlled by the usual pressure differential switch then there must be a leak...in the check valve at the pump or the line coming from it. The check valve can leak internally and/or externally.

Your preference to leave the system on is possible but you either need to supplement with a tank or use a flow control valve.

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The pump is probbaly leaking enough water backwards and through the check valves to trigger the pressure switch.

Air is used in the tank to store the pressure, since the smallest amount of water leak wil drop the pressure very quickly.

At the low pressures you have water is not compressible while air is.

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