What's with the rub-nose-on-carpet thing?

cnvhNovember 16, 2006

Just switched my dog's dry food, plan on feeding her a mixture of 80%/20% for a couple of days, then 60/40, and so on, to 100% new food in about a week.

Last night was her first batch of 20% new food mixed in with the old... when I put it in her bowl, she sniffed at it, then for a couple of minutes, she "rooted" her nose on the carpet towards her food dish, almost as if she was trying to "push" something towards the bowl... She then proceeded to eat about half a bowl of the food, which is pretty typical for her usual amount. (She has free-range access to her food and finishes a bowl about once every 36 hours-- she's not a greedy eater and is at a healthy weight.)

So I'm curious... what's with the nose-rubbing thing?

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I've seen my dogs do that when they want to bury something.......either as a way of saving it for later, or trying to get rid of the offending odor.

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I agree with Annz...my dog will do the same thing when I give him something(a treat)that doesn't measure up to his standards. After he's pushed it under his bed, he looks up at me as if to say, "what else ya got?". I've also seen him bury his poo in the snow using his nose for a shovel.

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He's trying to bury it - either because he considers it "special" or he doesn't want it now and wants to save it for later. I feed raw chicken on an old towel, and if my dog doesn't want all of it, he'll use his nose to "bury" the rest in the towel.

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Better yet what's up with the sliding across the floor on the side of your face routine? That is so funny.

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Let's see:

Pushing the nose towards food/treats = "Don't want this now - me no likey."

Sliding nose/face across floor = "I got an itch!"

Rubbing/sliding face on both sides on carpet/upholstery after eating = "Dang that chicken was greasy!"

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dogs cannot manage a handkerchief, so they rub their noses on the carpet, your pants, the bedding...

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My cat pushes her water dish all over the kitchen using her nose.

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