white film on water surface

seanc_bbAugust 13, 2010

I have quite hard water/rust in my new home. My plumber suggested that draining the holding tanks might alleviate some of the rust issue because the house was unoccupied for 7 months.

I ran the hose into a basin to watch the water quality and when I stopped I noticed there was a film on the surface, sort of like if you saw a tiny amount of gas in water, but it didn't have the shimmer/rainbow look of oil, rather it is a whitish color, like a layer of slime.

When i completed, i let everthing run for awhile and then ran some water into a clean basin inside. The inside tap has a britta filter on it and there is a whole house sediment filter after the holding tank.

I let this sit for several hours and sure enough the film has appeared, though not nearly as severe.

I am going to have the water tested(it passed potability testing on the home inspection) but am trying to figure out what the heck is in my water.

Any clues?


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More than likely an aesthetic water problem such as hardness, TDS, or the like.

Sounds like you're on a well and whole house sediment filters rarely correct well water problems.

Since you said the water passed for potability have it tested for hardness, iron, manganese, sodium, copper, PH, and TDS.

I believe you'll find the problem in those test results and then the solutions will follow.

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Wondering what you found on this. Have the same thing

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