Omnifilter RO 2000 faucet leak

buckieepAugust 28, 2013

We have an 8-y-o Omnifilter RO 2000 under sink system which has been bypassed for the last 3 years. We went through 3 faucets in the 5 years it was operational and I became convinced that it was installed incorrectly (by my uncle) which I later discovered, it was. However, what I think is correct installation has not remedied the main problem, which is that water flows constantly from the air gap hole, even in brand new faucets, with ALL lines just cleaned out. Before we bypassed the system, we stopped getting water to the fridge for quite a while. The fridge connection was the last stop before the faucet, I don't think it is related but who knows. ALL the incoming water has been softened, but we do have well water. SO: could the incorrect installation have caused a problem that may not leap to mind, or am I overlooking something?

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What you THINK is the correct installation may not be so we need to get that in order first. Here is the manual for your RO...

Usually water leaking from the air gap hole on an RO faucet indicates that either the plumbing to the faucet is wrong or the line from the faucet air gap out to drain is routed incorrectly or plugged. The drain line from the air gap out can be plugged where it connect to the sink drain and can be overlooked.

On an air gap faucet there should be one line (usually blue) from the membrane output to the faucet. Then there should be one line (usually red or black) from the effluent drain on the RO to the IN of the air gap. Then a line (usually black) from the OUT of the air gap to the drain above the P trap in the sink drain.

The air gap out (black) line needs to be as direct and downward flowing as possible with no bends or loops and the connection to the sink drain MUST be lower than the bottom of the air gap faucet.

Sometimes the actual air gap can plug with mung and you can use a pipe cleaner to clean it out.

You should T off the blue tubing at the membrane output for your fridge/ice maker. Some fridges don't work and play well with RO output.

Your water is running through a softener but have you checked your soft water to see if it is really soft... ZERO hardness? Hard water causes premature death of RO membranes.

Also, well water changes it's conditions so when was the last time you had a comprehensive water test from a certified lab? Living on a well you should be testing for nitrates and bacteria annually. It's one thing to make the water nice but it needs to be SAFE too.

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