Tramadol 50 mg for dog same as for human?

chisueNovember 17, 2011

Our dog broke the first joint of a front toe and was given a prescription of Tramadol 50 mg for pain -- and to keep him off the foot more. He improved fast. There are ten pills left.

I have a prescription for Tramadol 50 mg for osteoarthritis pain. I take it 'as needed' at night -- when a two Tylenols don't help enough.

Can I take the dog's leftover pills? (Is a rose a rose here, or is there some difference in the meds?)

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I think they are the same as I have that same dosage and was told by the vet I could use mine for the dog instead of a new prescription of them.

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Thanks, debbiep. I know I could ask the pharmacist, but thought someone here would know.

I know it's a cheap med, but I feel silly tossing the scrip if I could use the pills!

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yup you can use them. i have a whole bottle left over from my senior dane girl. i keep them handy. ;)

f.y.i...if you call a pharmacy, they will not tell you one way or the other if it's ok to use a medication like this that was prescribed for an animal. i tried and i don't think i could have BEAT it out of him!

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Definitely the same drug.

Human pharmacists have no idea what drugs are OK to give animals and make HUGE mistakes ALL THE TIME trying. PLEASE don't ever trust a human pharmacist with ANY questions about animals. Could very easily kill a pet.

Also some of the larger chain stores employ not so bright pharmacy assistants. I Rxd amoxicillin liquid 50 mg/ml for a canine patient. The pharmacy called and asked if they could substitute a different concentration. I asked what concentration did they have?

250mg per 5 ml


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Thanks, all! I'll give 'em a try -- probably tonight since DH and I just flipped our king bed mattresses. LOL (At least THAT is easier with a pair of extra-long twins. I can't remember how we ever flipped a single king, although...we were younger then.)

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I borrowed a Tramadol from one of my dogs years ago. I have lots of meds around for them, but don't even stock aspirin for me. As a matter of practice, when ever I get a new rx for any of my dogs, I look up the pill using one of the pill identifier sites. You input the shape, color, imprint, and the site identifies it. If it is what it's supposed to be we're good to go. I just don't trust anyone in a vets office or a pharmacy to dispense the right pill 100% of the time. Mistakes happen, everyone is human.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pill identifier

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Tramadol 50 mg should contain the same amount of the same active ingredient whether for animals or for humans.

Before you swap meds with your pet, even if sure it is the same active dose, you should check if it is an immediate release or modified release (long-acting, once-a-day, etc). The way the tablet is designed for modified release COULD be very different for animals or humans in the way it releases the active ingredient. (I don't know for sure about tramadol)

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I just spent 24 hours in the CCU after taking a pet medication.
I am all for self medicating when you are a 100 percent sure you are aware that it can be done.
I developed vomiting and diarrhea having an allergic reaction . The meds that they gave me to combat the allergy caused me to throw PVCs.
Just be very aware of the side effects and that it is the SAME drug.
I giggled reading the 50mg/cc and they offered you 250mg/ 5cc.
Just make sure you are taking the correct dose prescribed as a human requires.

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Boy, it pays to look at the prescription before or after you get it from the pharmacy. Several years ago I got my one prescription filled from Wal-Mart. I asked why the cost was so much higher than usual, and was told the doseage was different. That was correct. Gave my name and birth date twice.

So, unhappily, I pitched it in the bag, and went home. Tossed it in the medicine cabinet. Two days later I open the container and removed one. Somewhat different shape of the pill. I looked closer at the label. Different name, address, and pill!!

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Yes, our vet said we could use my husband's Tramadol for our peke when he was having severe back pain last year...

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getting harder and harder to find though. Anyone have a source?

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what do you mean? It is a prescription drug, and just starting last month, it is now a controlled drug as well (need a special prescription for it). It is widely available at just about every pharmacy there is in the US... but you certainly can't get it over the counter.

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