flammable vapor sensor woes

Nick.WAugust 4, 2013

We have a Rheem hot water heater with an A.O. Smith Intell-vent controller. We've had a number of basement projects that have tripped its flammable vapor sensor, rendering us without hot water. Sometimes the reset code works, other times we need to call and get a new one sent (free of charge, at least).

Our latest basement project, painting and clear-coating the floor with Rustoleum EPOXYShield, has done the same. Forgot to turn off the water heater, vapor sensor disabled it, and we ended up having to order a new sensor.

A week later though, it happened again. Reset worked 3-4 times, as did bringing the sensor upstairs overnight, but now it seems to be done and needs to be replaced again. My fear though is, will this just happen again? The basement still smells a bit like epoxy. I'm guessing it might take a little time for the paint and clear coat to stop smelling? If we get a new sensor, will it just disable itself again?

Getting sick of cold showers.


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