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smaloneyAugust 29, 2012

Please forgive a very CLUELESS question: I have a small galley kitchen on a slab and bounded by load-bearing walls, that seems unredeemable without major structural work. One of the ideas I've come up with to try to avoid drilling into the slab would be utilizing some of the space in a utility/laundry room that runs parallel to the galley. The general idea would be to move the laundry machines to the galley (making it into a hallway) and utilize the current laundry space plus a bit of space stolen from the adjacent family room for the kitchen.

There are currently pipes in both spots, but I don't know if the specifications for draining a laundry differ substantially from those for a kitchen sink. Does this sound generally possible, or are there technical plumbing considerations I'm missing that would rule out even considering this kind of a switch? The laundry seems to be tied into the main plumbing stack where all the rest of the first and second floor plumbing is. The kitchen sink currently drains through a slightly smaller pipe into the slab. Both drains seem to be vented through the same route.

Someone on the Kitchens forums suggested that in fact switching the laundry to the current kitchen drain is probably not viable, since the required pipe sizing would be different. If that's the case, I'll either drop the idea entirely or consider other possibilities for moving the laundry machines. Running parallel to both the galley kitchen and the laundry/utility room is a very long, fairly large bathroom that the previous owners put in the 1980s as a first floor master bath - it has a ridiculous giant jacuzzi tub that we only use as mid-winter entertainment for our kids and could easily live without. I'm just not ready to remodel that whole room at the same time as the kitchen, and I don't love have a laundry in the bathroom either, hence the thought of situating it in a hallway.

BTW, I have no intention of doing any work myself - I have zero knowledge or DIY skills. Anything that gets done in my house will be done by a licensed professional and with proper permits. I just am trying to consider my options, and utilizing some of the laundry space for the kitchen might allow me to place a small kitchen out of the main line of traffic through the house rather than smack dab in the middle. Still, knowing what I CAN'T do is just as valuable as thinking about what I can do. Thanks for any advice!!

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Washer drains used to be 1 1/2", which would be fine to relocate a sink drain there, but if you move the washing machine, it will have to meet current codes, which is a 2" drain. You would need to be able to jackhammer the concrete of the current kitchen drain location all the way back to the main drain to replace it with a 2" drain from the kitchen's 1 1/2" inch.

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