How long?

beaglencNovember 18, 2012

How long does a heat cycle last? Before all the comments about the reasons to spay, let me explain. My husband and I adopted the sweetest little beagle (we lost out boy after 15 yrs.) from an animal shelter in July. Ziva tested HW+ at the shelter but that didn't stop us. For several reasons had to wait for the HW treatments, she had her last 2 about 2 weeks ago. We thought it best to wait till she was over them to have her spayed. Well she went into heat yesterday. New to this, will it affect her recovery from the hw treatment, what to expect with the heat cycle?

She will be spayed when she has fully recovered.


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Should not affect her treatment one bit.. heat cycles last about 3 weeks, but they have different phases... they only tend to visibly be in heat for 5-10 days, but then they go into their 'true heat' when they will actually be receptive. During this entire cycle, the vulva tends to be relatively enlarged, and normal shrinks up a bit afterwards. Rec: spaying a good month after onset of heat symptoms to be sure they are out of heat when spayed... you can spay a dog in heat, but there are increased risks. However, in your dog's case, I would wait probably an additional 2-3 months to be sure all the dead worms are completely cleared up before she is anesthetized.

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Bless you beagle for taking on this dog, so many people would have walked away from the expense of it. You may notice spotting or bleeding for a couple of weeks, some females keep themselves very clean but they do tend to leave stains when they sleep so if she gets on the sofa or bed, it's a good idea to throw a cover over them until she finishes. Some females get a little bit goofy and amorous when on heat too. As above you want to wait at least a month or longer before getting her spayed making sure she's kept away from males, but obviously the main issue would be making sure she is clear of HW before going ahead with surgery.

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It would also be a good idea to keep a diaper on her just to prevent any unwanted pregnancies and it will make clean up easier on you too. You can wipe her coat off with pet wipes.

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Thanks for all of your help! I can breathe a little easier now. Fortunately we have a large fenced in yard and she goes out only to"do her business" and we take her on a leach.Saying a prayer that she won't dart out the front door.:)

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