freeze protection

mitchcarnieDecember 18, 2006

Here in Northern California we have had a couple days of temps below 33 degrees and so our freeze protection has kicked in and so everything turns on- the filter pump the waterfall pump and the pressure side cleaner booster pump. The forecast says we will have this weather for at least another week which will not please me when I get the electric bill. I was wondering in anyone knows if you also have to run your pressure side cleaner booster pump during these times? I know that with the regular pump water circulates through the cleaner and the booster just gives it a boost. Will it hurt the booster pump and/or plumbing if don't let it run during freezing temps? It does already run 2 hours every night so it probably would not freeze solid. In addition the water temp is still 50 degrees. Anyone know the answer?

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I wondered the very same thing..and well on my remote the guys had initially set my cleaner up on freeze I took it off and have had no problems...I asked my pool guy first of course..but it was running my polaris out staying on three and four days at a I hope that helps...

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