Completed N.C. Pool 24'x55'

lookin4auctionDecember 18, 2006

24'x55' N.C. Pool with 4 Deck Jets, RBB, 8' Diving Board, 5'x20' Tanning Ledge, FlagStone Beach Entry and 9' Deep. Class V Pool (good for diving) 2 Colored Lights and 1400 SWG. (156 LF Pool) (1800sf Saw Cut Deck) (39,000 gals.) Custom Tile Mosaic in bottom of pool. Complete in 8 weeks and Under Budget. 1st power bill + $60.00 with pump and cleaner on 24 hrs. a day. I'll cut back to 6 hrs. a day

til Spring. !!!ÂÂÂ PLAN PLAN PLAN ÂÂÂ!!!

This Is My Design I worked a long time drawing and planning B-4 I got PB involved. I handed PB 11 pages of Designs and said build this. (Changes I would make None)

50% Blue Plaster for a Tropical Look.

Soft Scape Complete. Looking to start Hard Scapes. I designed a fence that has same pattern in it as floor of the pool (spray tile mosaic)

Comptete Nov. 22, 2006 1st swim Christmas Day

Merry Christmas to all. We will take a Christmas Day Plung

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Here is a link that might be useful: NC Pool Album

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Wow, beautiful .The tile work is gorgeous and I love the flag stone circle. You must be very pleased. Enjoy!

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Stain concrete or not? Best color?

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Fantastic pool shape. Love the Bench.

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Pool looks great, what part of NC are you from, and what builder did you use. And if you don't mind me asking what kind of budget did you have. I am getting quotes on a 18" x 35' pool and the prices are coming alot higher than I thought

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