What paint colors go well with SW Compatible Cream?

apostgrlMarch 31, 2008

We just painted our foyer and hallways SW Compatible Cream, but now I'm unsure as to what colors to paint our living and dining room! I don't want the colors to clash. Any suggestions on what paint colors would work/flow well with this particular color?


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I'll have to take a picture on Wednesday, but my ceilings with CC are Ralph Lauren Starched Apron and they look lovely together. I used the CC in our master closet (on a quick 2 second paint trip after the cabinet guy said he was going to deliver the cabinets or have me shot). In the master suite we're using a custom venetian plaster that is just a shade or so darker. I am going to pair it with bronze accents (silk curtains with bronze and black stripes) and deep rich browns and burgundys. It sounds odd, but the burgundys look really pretty with CC...as do deep clarets.

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Thank you! Your home sounds really lovely, I can't wait to see pics!

We have a large foyer (w/ cathedral ceilings) and hallway and I'm feeling like the compatible cream is a bit too much for the large space - I feel surrounded by yellow! Maybe I'm just not used to it yet, I don't know. I'm thinking that I might have to do a darker (or lighter) accent wall in there to break it up a bit. Thoughts/suggestions?


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I am interested in this color for my living room - on the chip it looks pale. Are you gals saying that this tends to read much more yellow when up on all four walls?
Thanks for any info!

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Love CC! We used it for our bonus room and DD bedroom. In the bonus it's on ceiling also and is very cozy for TV viewing. In the bedroom we used Dove white for the ceiling. Here's the bonus room to give you an idea...

We used Believable Buff for the rest of the house, but none of the walls are next to CC. Maybe something darker on the paint card?

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I think the color is a soft caramel leaning towards the gold (or yellow) of caramel. So yes, it reads "yellow" to me, but in a very nice way. I used it in my master closet after a 32 second decision, because I was in a rush. My master is 12x18 (closet) and has one window. I wanted a soft color that would compliment the plaster in the bedroom and flow nicely with the wood (walnut) build ins that will be surrounding all four walls. CC really does work well for that, and looks gorgeous with chocolate.

Outside of that room, the library is one level down and all the walls (except for the wood wall of hell...another post) are Valspar Cowslip 4 which is a yellow in the same tone (caramel color) but a bit deeper. The flow is great :)

I'm not one for shocking changes of color in each room. I like the eye to visibly travel from room to room easily, especially through open doors.

It sounds like the yellow isn't a good choice for your living room, since you're worried about too much yellow (is that possible?) heh heh Are you looking to go more neutral or do you have a complimentary color you'd like to shoot for? (Ie should we look to tan or green or blue or purple) :OP

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I like the way Mannered Gold looks on the paint chip, but I'm not sure if that's going to make the yellow foyer and hallways look even more yellow. I think the foyer wouldn't look so overwhelmingly yellow if it wasn't two stories. I am now thinking about re-doing it and keeping CC as an accent wall and painting the rest in Napery. (which I originally wanted, but our painter convinced me to go darker)

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Are your rooms open to each other or closed off? The Mannered Gold will probably be too strong of a color with the CC. I don't have the SW colors at home, but I'm thinking Napery is a shade lighter than CC? If you're not crazy about the CC, you could paint it all in Napery, but it is very light. Our home is painted in a color of SW that is very similar to CC. Each room has it's own look due to the sunlight and times of day.

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The room that I am thinking about painting Mannered Gold is the living room, which is right off of the foyer. (where the CC is)
Yes, Napery is one shade lighter than CC on the paint chip. I orignally wanted to use Napery, but our painter thought it would be too light in our two-story foyer. I like the way CC looks in our kitchen, where it's not so light...but our foyer gets a lot of sunlight, and it's just too yellow/bright for me.

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