Question about removing a toilet

edweatherAugust 28, 2012

I need to remove a toilet to inspect a waste line. I think the toilet is original to the house, which means it might be 25 years old. Is there a wax seal or something I need to replace when I reinstall the toilet, or can I reuse the existing one? Thanks. Ed

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Wax rins are not need to use a putty knife and remove as much of the old wax as you can from both the bottom of the bowl and the top of the flange, then install a new wax ring.

After 25 years its almost certain that the old mount bolts will be corroded and extremely hard to get off...I usually loosen them a bit then use a mini hacksaw to reach under the bowl and cut the bolts...then install new bolts...

The good news is that you can get both the wax rings and new closet mount bolts at any hardware for under $10.

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Thanks. I'll report on how it goes. The bottom line is that I have a nice toilet that just doesn't flush very well. I've replaced all the tank guts, and even cleaned the little holes under the rim, and run some muriatic acid through it....but it still flushes poorly. I really want to take it off and get a good look at what's going on before I buy a new one.

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