Ode to the kitchen pros

angie_diyMarch 20, 2012

I would like to call out thanks to the long-contributing pros who lend their expertise here, with little direct return for their efforts. I know that many of us are grateful to them for making GW a better place.

I am going to go out on a limb and name names (in no particular order). However, I am deathly afraid of missing someone. If I miss you, please take no offense at my poor memory. And other non-pros, please chime in and correct my deficiencies!

So, then, I give many thanks for their consistent helpfulness to:





(Pal and plllog, I am not counting you in that list, because I believe you are pros in related fields; I apologize if I am wrong, and I appreciate your efforts greatly, too.)

Thank you! A_D

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She's not a pro, though she plays one on GW. ;)

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Lisa_a is great with layouts, she must be a pro!

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I don't know who is/isn't "pros" on here, HOWEVER, in my eye, you ALL are pros when it comes to helping my desperate situation!

But, to name a FEW who have gone BEYOND their call of duty, I have to recognize some who have kept me from the brink of disaster, shook me up to see the light, and coddled me when life has taken the front seat and the reno was unimportant.
Our family just went through another "life-changing event" this past Christmas, same day as losing our loved one the last Christmas, however, this one has turned into a blessing, and I haven't written about it here, just because, well, it's the Kitchen forum. But, I'll say it now since I know some will be curious, my middle daughter, who lives in Grand Rapids, (me in TX)had TWINS prematurely and I have been up there for a great deal of time since Christmas Day.

So, back to topic, and back to the reno, DH is becoming more and more impatient with my lack of ability to "commit", since we are DIYer's, he's ready to go, and I'm still on the fence with the dang layout. "Don't want to make a mistake, sindrome"

But to name names of THANKS and Gratitude, my heart goes out-------

Plllog-she can make you scream
Did I mention Rhome?

And, ALL of you others who have BEAUTIFUL kitchens that have given inspiration more than you could ever know, (you should see my *favorites* tab, it has about 150 little green clovers of kitchen love.

Mtnrdredux, breezygirl, beekeeperswife, alabamamaommy, nutherokie, rhome, plllog, FRENCH GRAY ISLAND (oh I can't tell you how drool comes from that one) beaglesdoitbetter, and her name escapes me, but the one who just finished building a house, with the barn door over her baking area, a beautiful walnut top island, fridge drawers by her banquet) OH I CAN'T think of her name! And on and on and on I could go, but I got carried away. ***sorry***

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Yes!!!!! to all of those already named, I would also like to name somebody who is not a pro (I don't believe), but should operate some sort of "find an image" service....boxerpups...

I am convinced that there is no request that can stump her. I am pretty sure that if somebody said that they wanted a pirate themed kitchen in a Victorian Era house using all reclaimed materials, she would have a variety of images that would fit the bill

All of your time, knowledge, and guidance is so much appreciated by the amateurs who stumbled upon gardenweb via a google search and stayed for the duration of their remodels.

THANKS! I'll raise a glass in your honor tonight.

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Hear Hear!! Thank you all for the inspiration and patience and kindness.

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Yesssss... thanks to the PRO's and the PRO's that we have forgotten about...and those who have inspired me...(yes, I brought my kitchen faucet based on what Breezy had bought!!! and I chose some paint based on something Rhome liked...I admit it, sometimes I am bad with Color!!!!!) Some contributors just seem to be so informed with their posts...... AND I've used some of Trailrunner's recipes when she posts those yummy dishes she is working on.... and Thanks to Dianalo who reminded me that family comes before the kitchen Reno...Planning a few trips this summer.

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dilly_ny, you are so kind! I'm not a pro, not even close, but thank you for the vote of confidence. I think I have a good grasp of spatial design. I've always had a knack for making things fit a space (I'm the designated packer of boxes, cars, trailers, DWs and such in our house, not that I'd ever design a kitchen like I would pack a trailer, lol). But don't ever ask me for help picking colors, materials and such. Pity the sorry soul who seeks my advice on those matters. I am in awe of all those here, too many to possibly name (although some have already been acknowledged) with that skill.

I also appreciate the pros - and by that I mean the people who do or did kitchen design for a living - who share their time and experience here. I've learned so much from them as well as from the many talented and generous laypeople who give of their time. To name three, rhome (she's my mentor and friend, thanks to GW), bmore (love her creative "out of the box" but practical take on a space) and buehl (I bet she could recite the technical details of a kitchen in her sleep). There are others who've helped me along the way but I'm having a bad brain day and their names are beyond my mental grasp at the moment.

Many thanks to boxerpups and her incredible talent for finding images that have helped so many, no matter the challenge (lol, kellienoelle!).

And let's not forget a big round of applause to all the GWers who have shared their completed (or nearly completed) kitchens with us. I find inspiration in every single one of them!

(Congrats on your new grandbabies, susied3!)

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A great big thank you to all the "pros" listed and not listed and for tolerating my confusing questions...

Also many thanks to boxer pups for always finding the "right" image. I just sent one of the images to a cabinet dealer to describe a stained/painted cabinet combination. I couldn't have found the right photo w/o you. Every time I do a search for a photo you've posted it !
and ebean & marthavilla for helping me with soapstone questions and suppliers.
I need to take notes as I read threads so I can thank others....

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I always enjoy seeing what yummy things BOXERPUPS comes up with and also Marcolo in that wry, acidic way. He had me with the 10 commandments of the OTK.

Enduring is also one I enjoy as well as ALL the others : ))) Thanks to all!

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I greatly appreciate the constant help of the many non-pros listed by others. I am continuing my goal of thanking the pros who help out here.

In addition to LWO, hollysprings, GreenDesigns, and brickeyee (Sorry, just had to acknowledge them one more time!!), overnight I thought of three more professionals to mention. I thank Powertoolpatriot and Kompy for their contributions. Also, I realized that I usually think of Casey (sombreuil_mongrel) as "just" an extreme DIYer, but I believe he is a professional carpenter in addition to a fine craftsman and helpful contributor.
Thanks again.

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Great thread! I'll add my thanks to all here (pros and non-pros) who have helped me with questions, have given their opinions, offered valuable advice and support when things go wrong. GW has really been an invaluable resource and I wish I had found it much earlier in my reno.

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Thanks, Angie, for remembering me. I haven't posted much on here the last year or so. Even though the economy is down, seems like I am quoting more than before...just people are taking longer to proceed. I have been coming here for, gosh, 15-20 years...everyday at lunch time. I love this site and for the homeowner and pro feedback it gives me.

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Oh, gosh, kompy, I'm so sorry for forgetting to mention you, too, because yes, you are one of the wonderful pros who stop in to lend your expertise. I've learned a lot from you, too. Thank you!

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