PB Said Plaster tomorrow AM-I know I shouldn't get my hopes up!

shibasruleNovember 15, 2006

I know, I know, don't always believe them because they can't controll the subs or the weather...

She said they wouldn't plaster in the rain yet they called and told her they will plaster my pool tomorrow @ 6:30 AM.

30% chance of rain starting tonight at 10PM through Friday when it becomes 20%. Around here that doesn't mean it will only rain 20 % of the day it means it will rain a little off and on all day!

I guess we got our miracle that they even said they would come but when my hubby got home tonight he discoverd the electricians never did come back to install the new electrical box and wire up the equipment.

I am not going to tell the PB because they swore they were coming today.

See what I mean? Will rain really stop 3M Plastering?


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