Concrete decking options

jlevetNovember 18, 2005

Just signed a contract on a pool today but purposely excluded decking as we thought the price for what was called "Sundeck" was too pricy ($8.75/sq ft) and we really didn't care for the look all that much.

Does anyone have an idea of an average installed cost (per square ft) for stained or colored concrete, stenciled concrete, and stamped concrete suitable for use as pool decking?

Thanks - we are really getting excited about the pool but the pool decking is causing heartache.


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When I priced out mine through the builder it was 9.50 per sq ft of stamped and stained..we went with an individual contractor that quoted 6.50 per square ft 600.00 for drains and 600.00 for round it was a lot cheaper with our own contractor..he started the deck yesterday and said concrete has gone up and he is now charging 8.00 per sq ft but is giving us the quoted price......of 6.50....but be sure and ask about drains and round downs because that is not included in the quoted price..these prices come from TX...not sure what part of the country your in....hope this helps..but 8.75seems like a good deal....considering...what we were quoted..I am not sure what sundeck is but I bet is has something to do with staying cool in the sun..where stamped and stained will be hot in full my experience...

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my hubby is a concrete contractor in central calif. the price of concrete jumped way up here also. he is charging $8.75 per Sq. Ft. for stamped and colored concrete. the more colors you add, the more cost. This typically includes colored concrete and a different colored release which gives it the two toned look. We went with 2 colors of release to give highlights here and there. this does not include the cost of sealing the concrete after it's done. We are building a pool as we speak and are expecting to pay about $600.00 to seal the concrete and add something called rhino? to make the surface slightly gritty to prevent slipping. To maintain the concrete you need to re-seal it about every 2 years at the cost of around $400. Bear in mind that this is a DIY price. If you have seen colored concrete unsealed and then sealed there is no way you are going to opt out of sealing. HUGE difference! Any concrete is going to be hot in full sun. Be sure to ask what makes a sundeck/kooldeck stay cool? (These types of names vary according to where you live) Is it because the indentations hold water which will ultimately cool it off? If this is the case then stamped concrete will do the same as long as the stamp you choose has deep indentations.

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