Dog eliminates in the house even after a long walk

brodie75November 29, 2009

My dog will hold it for two miles during a walk and then will go to the bathroom in the house as soon as we get home. I give her plenty of time to go while we walk. I let her walk in the grass and she sniffs around but will not go. What do I do?

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How old is your dog? How long have you had her? What is her daily routine like? The more spefici you can be the better I can help you

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She is a year old and I've only had her for a couple of days. I just got her from the Rescue last week. Do you think it's just an adjustment period? It's concerning me that I walk her for at least a mile and she won't go but as soon as we get home she runs to some other room in the house and goes there. I really want to break her of this but I have no idea how. I've been crating her while I'm at work and then I put her out on a chain in the backyard as soon as I get home. She sometimes will pee when I do this but she won't poop. Please help!!

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My first Rottie wouldn't ever poop on a walk. He would also poop in the house when we brought him inside unless we stopped by his regular pooping grounds outside.

We designated one area of the yard for the doggie pee/poop area. We always went outside the front door with the retractable leash to go potty. If we were going out for a walk, we'd go out the back door with the 6 foot lead. We used different commands for potty and walk. The dogs were rewarded immediately upon peeing and pooping. And we would stay outside until they peed and pooped.

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Yes, it is an adjustment period. She needs to learn the rules of her new home. I adopted a stray who was housebroken, but when I got her home she was not. I worked with her and she learned.

Many dogs don't poop on walks. You said "as soon as we get home she runs to some other room in the house and goes there." That is your opportunity. Don't go back in the house, go into the back yard. She obviously has to go, so stay out there until she does. She might not like to poop while on the leash, so put her on a long tie out if you don't have a fenced yard. Come up with a word or phrase - "go poopy" or whatever. Keep telling her that, and when she does, go CRAZY with praise.

What kind of dog is she and how big?

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Our dog was a rescue and we got her at 18 months.
I was teaching her outside potty training and was using words like potty. After days of "potty" I finally said "tinkle" and she went down immediately.
Apparently she already knew the word tinkle but I hadn't been using it.

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Thanks for all of the advice. I will try to get her on a routine and hopefully that will help. She's a really sweet dog and eager to please so I think it will work. She's a border collie/husky mix and is about 40 lbs.

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