kdf-85/gac cartridge filter to remove hydrogen sulfide

h2s-problemAugust 2, 2012

Hi all, I would like to validate a proposal I received to fix my H2S problem. The water come from a well and the analysis give those results :

Hardness: 3

PH: 8,6

TDS: 259

H2S: 2

Iron: 0

Manganese: 0

Alkalinity: 180

The recommendation was to install the biggest Aries KDF-85/GAC cartridge filter (AF-20-2215-BB).

Does someone has any experience with this type of cartridge for H2S removal ?

Thanks a lot for your help !

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Does whoever recommended the Aries KDF-85/GAC cartridge filter offer a money back guaranty?

Expensive element... what's the life? Enough flow rate for your plumbing? Make sure you get a real Big Blue housing and not a cheap knock-off.

pH is high @ 8.6

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@justalurker: Thanks for the reply.

What do you mean by "enough flow rate for your plumbing" ?

About the price (125$), it's not so bad if it lasts a year as stated by the sales rep.

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Anything you insert in your water service line has a flow rate. If the flow rate of the housing and filter are equal to or higher than the requirements of your plumbing, appliances, and fixtures then you're OK. If not, then you'll have a pressure loss and the loss will be greater as the filter fills (absorbs) with what you're filtering.

If the filter element treats what you want it to and IF it lasts a year then $125 isn't bad so again I ask... " does the sales rep who recommends the Aries KDF-85/GAC cartridge filter offer a money back guaranty?" if it doesn't do the job and/or if it only last a few months?

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