Converting open radiant system to closed

Greg__RAugust 17, 2012

This is kind of a plumbing + HVAC question but I figured the

I currently have 2 large hot water heaters running in series (yeah, not optimal) and they supply my domestic hot water & water for my radiant system. The water is mixed so I'm very concerned about bacteria and disease (water sits in the heating pipes over the summer). I'd like to convert this to a closed radiant system.

- 1 water heater for domestic hot water (1 heater has proven to be adequate; I typically turn the other to "pilot" during the summer).

- 1 water heater for the radiant system

Is this as simple as re-plumbing the two hot water heaters? Do I need to place any additives into the radiant system? Are there any other precautions I should take?


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You will need approved back flow prevention between the potable water system and the 'sealed' heating system.

The rules have gotten much tighter lately, and include annual inspections in some places.

The 'sealed' system will lose its chlorination over time and the water is no longer potable.

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