Help with my dog.

Bjaz64November 15, 2013

I have a nine month old doberman puppy. I know she is a puppy, but is uncontrollable. She doesn't listen at all. When she plays with me she bites me, but I do know she is playing but it hurts. She will continue to pee in poo in the house even though she is taken out continuously. I tell her to sit, and have to use all my strength to push her down, But when I get a treat and say sit she does it perfectly. My advice I need.

She is only a puppy, 70 lbs. Do I give her time to grow out of this, or at this age does this seem a little extreme. I love her dearly, but it isn't any fun with her. My husband says she will grow out of this.

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I would take her to training classes which will not only strengthen your bond, but make her more obedient.

Yes she will outgrow alot of her puppy behaviour. What you want to do is instill good habits in her. A daily walk is really a pound of cure for all dog ailments.

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You are doing a couple of things wrong. First, dont let your dog bite you PERIOD. Dont play with your dog like that, it is teaching your dog bad behavior. First thing you need to remember - yor dog wants to please you, but trying to force your dog into doing something you want is not going to work. Use what you have to make training with your dog fun. The more fun it is, the better time for both of you. Going to basic training class, and walk walk walk walk walk your dog are two good starts.

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I agree with the others, you & your puppy need to go to classes, a good puppy is a tired puppy, she needs alot of exercise, have you trained her to walk on a leash yet? Do you have a dog park in your area you can take her to, the socialization would be good also. They dont always grow out of bad behavior.You've been given great advice from the other posters. Good Luck, all the work you put into her now will pay off for her & your family's future.

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I agree with the others. Don't allow the bad behavior. Definitely go to training classes and this is why, because they know how to TEACH US to teach our dogs. You would not believe how many teenage dogs end up at the dog pound for exactly this reason. They are so big and so strong and have not been taught proper manners and once they get so large, the owners can no longer handle them. They cannot even walk them because they just pull them all around.

But really teaching a dog to behave is almost the opposite of what you think you should do. I'm learning something new every day with how to teach my dog...I think their little brains are the exact opposite of ours and what you think you are supposed to do is usually the exact wrong thing...HAHA!

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A 9-month-old is a puppy, yes, but even a 3-month-old pup can be potty trained and learn basic obedience. Don't wait! Right now you may be dealing with some adolescent issues, making training more difficult. He will outgrow that, but you have to be the boss.

A good obedience class is your first step. Practice, practice, practice! I've always found that with dogs (just like children), it's far easier to teach them what TO do than what NOT to do. For example, rewarding a "good quiet puppy" works much better than "No!" at a barking dog.

We got our current dog when he was a year and a half old. He was potty and leash trained, and very polite, but he liked to mouth and gnaw on things - especially our thumbs! We thought it was adorable for a couple of days, until he started chewing a little harder. We put an immediate stop to it, and he stopped even trying in about a week. Bad habits need to be broken, but it takes time and consistency on your part.

Good luck!

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