Colored Pool Plaster ? Risky?

kenziekissNovember 27, 2006

Pool plaster henchmen are poised to redo the plaster job they botched last summer. Somehow, long smears, smudge marks and fingerprints showed up when the plaster dried. These could not be acid-washed away nor could they be buffed out. This was job was with white plaster.

Now that same company has jack-hammered the plaster out again and is about to re=-plaster, do you think it's risky having them add blue to the plaster? Is it hard to get a uniform color when adding tint to plaster?

He wants me to sign a "waiver" saying that I underastand that there could be "variations" in the outcome as far as color as it wears over time. SHould I just stick with the white or chance a slight blue additive?

Debbie in L.A.

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'True' color plaster pools always have a much greater chance of having issues than a traditional white plaster pool, hence the waiver. On a color plaster pool, were they add a dye to to give it color is more likely to have shade variations, mottling (dark grey areas), and check cracking. However if you are going for a color look, there are alternatives that are less likely to develop those symptoms. Such as an exposed aggregate finish.
Just be sure that whatever surface you choose, always follow their startup procedures, such as brushing the pool frequently when its a new pool, and keeping the water chemistry balanced for a new pool. This should reduce the chances of these problems happening.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pool Service

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