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lostinseattleAugust 20, 2013

My faucet in the kitchen suddenly lost a lot of water pressure but just the cold. The faucet is only about a year old and is the gooseneck type that has a pull down hose. The water is controlled by one handle for both hot and cold.

The hot water pressure is fine on the hot setting so I know nothing is clogging the screen. I have turned the cold water valve under the sink on and off several times but it didn't change anything. I have not changed anything in the house concerning water lately. Does anyone know what might be causing the problem?

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See if the supply line is kinked underneath. If that's not it, remove the cartridge and check for debris. While it's removed, turn the water on momentarily to clear the line, etc. Reinstall and test.

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Thanks for the advice, however the hose below the sink is no kinked. How could it be the cartridge if the water pressure on the hot setting is fine but the cold is not? They are both operated by the same knob and the water flows through the same cartridge.

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A tiny bit of debris can block an inlet and reduce flow.

You can remove the cartridge and inspect for debris, run it under water, etc., and reinstall.

Or you try this: Shut off both supply valves, disconnect the cold supply, aim the hose from the sink into a bucket, open the faucet to hot & cold (both), turn on the hot supply briefly, and maybe you will clear some debris into the bucket. Reconnect and see how it works.

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