Vacuum breaker making noise when auto-fill is on

stupid48August 8, 2011

We have a new pool. The plumber originally installed an A&A Quik Water Leveler ( I guess some rocks got into it so my pool guy replaced it with a home depot standard toilet filler. Pretty normal I guess... The only problem is that when it is filling, it kind of does it in spurts which is normal as I guess due to waves in the pool. These spurts cause the wilkins valve at the water source to make a noise that lasts about a second. It's kind of annoying in the house because you can hear it. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Replace the auto-fill or the wilkins? There is a valve on the water source side of the vacuum and one on the output of the vacuum. Someone suggested adjusting one or both of the valves by turning them to about 50% but that didn't seem to help. The person called it water hammer although the noise is not so much banging but just kind of a loud flow noise?


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I'd replace the fill valve with the proper one or manually maintain the pool level.
The toilet fill valve is the cause of the noise as it closes to an 'almost off' condition for about a second before shutting all of the way off. (This produces a hissing sound but reduces water hammer.)

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