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ailene54March 9, 2014

I love the look of venetian plaster for my guest bathroom, before I received my first estimate and realized it was to expensive. Wallpaper that looks the same is an option I know would make me happy. But DH is talking about wanting to move in next 4-5 yrs. Everything I read about selling talks about removing wallpaper, which is what I'm doing in mud/laundry room as I update it with cabinets above W&D, and a few other updates. I'm thinking of painting it shaker beige. Having plain painted walls in the guest bathroom I think I will find upsetting. Thinking it out, I'm thinking about faux painting that I don't think I will ever love but think I will be ok with it, as a possibility. Do you think I should be sensible and just find a faux painting that will look ok? Or should I get the wallpaper realizing that I may have to take it down, or have make the selling of the house harder? Thanks in advance for your help!

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4-5 years is a tricky time frame. I'd generally hope that a remodel last at least 10 years, so I am tempted to say don't do anything that isn't additive for resale. but then again 5 years is a long time to live with something.

If it's very subtle, you probably won't have to change it. Have you looked into American Clay? I have it in several areas of my home, in shades of white. It looks similar to plaster, but IIRC it costs less.

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I don't think most people would have a problem with venetian-plaster-look wallpaper in a "small" bathroom. Nobody loves to remove wallpaper, but one bathroom isn't going to stop a sale.

We looked at a house once that had wallpaper in most of the public rooms and in the large 2-story foyer. That was going to cost a small fortune to remove because it was going to need scaffolding and paid labor to remove. When we made an offer we accounted for the cost of removing all that wallpaper. Luckily we didn't buy the house!

Can you post a link to the wallpaper and we can give you feedback on how many of us here would be ok buying a house with that paper in a spare bathroom?

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mtnrdredux' Thanks for the info on American Clay, I never heard of it, and does have the effect I'm looking for. I will be checking to see if this will be more affordable.

Chispa I'm talking about a full bathroom, large in relation to the size of the rooms in my small ranch style house and the one guests use when over. I actually fell in love with a friends newly updated bathroom because of the walls, initially thinking it was wallpaper, and finding out later it wasn't. I would use wallpaper if I knew for sure I could leave it up and not affect the sale of my house.

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Under the cloak of the anonymity of the internet, I will be very honest. I don't think a buyer would consider it a plus. It's not a "minus" like silver paper with red flocking, but, to me, it looks vaguely Tuscan.

To me, Tuscan is kind of an 80's look and something most people are now taking out, not putting in.

All of that said, it certainly isn't offensive and in a small, room, no biggie. It may also be true that in your area, Tuscan is still popular. Things do vary quite a bit by region.


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I think if it is very subtle and neutral you will be OK. A friend of ours is very artistic and 10 years ago venetian plastered their powder room in a deep purple. He did a beautiful job, but honestly, it looks very dated now. I don't think faux finishes in general are very popular anymore...just my opinion.

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Have you thought about a few layers of paint and glaze to get the look you want? It's a fun project but could be painted over in the future.

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Properly applied wallpaper - or better to say, properly prepped wallpaper - comes off pretty easily. You could put it up now and decide in five years whether to keep or take down.

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I know you have a certain look you want and this won't be the same, but have you considered maybe stenciling instead of paper? It might be the oomph for your bath that you don't want to live without, yet is easy to paint over if you decide you need to when ready to sell. Beekeeperswife did a fab purple(!) stenciled powder room, that you can find by searching GW. Here are some more pics.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Fori is not pleased

I think it'd be fine, and like Gray said, if you're putting it on a properly prepped wall, it won't be terrible to remove should your Realtor at the time of sale advise it.

You're going to be there 4-5 years. That's a long time to not be happy with your own bathroom.

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Thanks for all suggestions. I appreciate your thoughts on faux painting, but agree 4-5 years is a long time to live with something I don't really want. I love how Bee's bathroom came out. Was thinking at one point to have the bathroom painted, and try to stencil on my own, but I'm afraid because I have problems with my spine of not being able to complete in a timely manor. I realize now that it was the Purple Bathroom which made me realize I didn't want plain painted walls, and that until I saw the venetian plaster I didn't see anything I liked that much, except probably a subtle stencil. Will give all a lot of thought....

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I did a small stenciling project in my kitchen (stencil instead of tiled backsplash), and it was a lot of fun! The hard part in a bathroom would be the edges and small walls and cramped spaces - but the same things make a bathroom difficult to wallpaper.

At least with stenciling, you could skip the space behind the toilet tank, because the base wall color would still be there. With wallpaper, you're stuck doing everything.

Just to back up graywings - wallpaper comes off pretty easily if it's prepped right.

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if you aren't moving for ~ 5 yrs, i would absolutely do what you like!!!
who knows what the market will be like in 5 yrs and who knows what will be 'in'... and, who knows if you will actually move.
size the walls so the paper will come off quite easily should the new owners want to change the bathroom. it isn't something loud or crazy that would deter someone from buying the house or make someone 'cringe', imo! (and i can't imagine anyone offering less for a house because there is some wallpaper in the bathroom!)

most people want to make a house 'their own' if they can afford it anyway and if they can't, i think it is neutral enough that many/most people would be able to live with it, especially in a guest bathroom!

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In the house I sold 7 yrs ago and lived in for 14 yrs, I had wallpaper on almost all the 1st floor walls. All the paper coordinated and was very neutral. The house sold in the first open house to a younger couple. They bought it because they loved the wallpaper and paint colors besides the lovely location. I think if you keep it neutral and not too trendy, it may not be a disadvantage.

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