Sump pump drain pipe with 2 opening ?

Cats3August 27, 2012

My sump pump drain pipe has two opening. The first one is located right next to the foundation wall as you can see from the picture. Yesterday it was raining a lot and I saw a lot of water gushing out of this opening. About the other 30% were flowing into the the lower opening. Why does someone put PVC wye on the draingage pipe? I think some water will return back sump pit if the water discharge thru the first opening. My pump was running every few minutes yesterday. Can I just cap it off?

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I'd cap it off.

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" Why does someone put PVC wye on the drainage pipe?"

In case the longer main line is clogged, and it sounds like your might be partially clogged or the pipe was undersized to start with.

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Also if the wye is installed as per your drawing the wye is installed backward.

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