We have pebble... but pouting

cathouse9October 21, 2005

I guess I should be all excited (woo hoo!) but this is somewhat anticlimatic. There were some scheduling mistakes (IMO) early this week so we got pebble today instead of Wednesday. The problem is that a cold front is coming tonight and the days of 80° weather are gone. Today's high was 82° but Monday will be 60°. Brrr.

Sorry for acting like a pouting baby, but after all of this work, time and $money$, I hoped for at least ONE day to take a refreshing plunge in my beautiful pool after sweaty yardwork. Just a few days too late though :(


Here is a link that might be useful: My Pool

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Bummer, Caren, but truly, it's hard to feel TOO sorry for you when you have such a BEAUTIFUL pool and yard! You'll still be able to use your spa, right? You can take your coffee out in the morning and enjoy the water color and the spa spillover. Take a glass of wine out at night and enjoy the color of the water with the lights. You have done such a great job.

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Wow, your pool and yard are beautiful!

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What an AWESOME look!!!

I'd suggest splurging a little bit and using the heater to heat the pool for a few weeks until we get the truly cold winter weather. After a purchase of this magnitude, whats a little extra money out to your utility company, LOL.

See Ya,

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Caren: It's always frustrating when you're so close to being finished...and there's another delay. Hang in there. The good news is, next year when your friends/neighbors/fellow pool forum members are just starting on their projects, you'll be relaxing in your beautiful pool! And, you will be able to enjoy your spa this winter!

Your pool/yard is an architectural/structural masterpiece!


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You always have the spa!

Your yard is stunning! And do I see lilypads?!

Where do you live?

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Your pool is gorgeous!! What's the name of the flagstone you used for the coping?

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Thanks guys. It's been really cold here since yesterday! I mean I had to dig out sweatshirts and long pants. Any neighbors who were jealous must be getting a kick out of us getting water only after it's way too cold to swim. Most seem to be as excited as we are though.

Oh well, you are all right. We'll be ready for next year. And the spa will be great this winter (I think - I've never had one). The fire pit too. If it was hooked up, we'd have fired it up last night.

The pool is just about full.

The reflective quality on the dark water is cool. I'll have to experiment with some neat shaped plants on the far side.

It's amazing a pool went in here at all. I guess they can put one almost anywhere! Our lot is about 1.5 acres and the front yard is big, but the back is mostly wooded and all sloped going down to a creek and then back up till the neighbors yard starts.

Yes snookums, there is a pond. If you click here, and click on the pond link, there are some other pics. I couldn't live without one!

PagsPool - I don't know what the flagstone is called but will try to find out. It does still need to be pressure washed as there's a film on it from the cement/grout/whatever. Also, the decking needs another sealer coat which will alter the color slightly too.

Will post updates as they come. Thanks everyone again for the compliments and encouragement!


Here is a link that might be useful: My Pool

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Oops. Forgot to say we're in Georgia - northern suburb of Atlanta.

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Your pool, pond and landscaping are absolutely beautiful!!

You've done a fantastic job!!!


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I just can't even fathom looking down a slope like that and thinking, "hmmm.... let's put a pool there!" LOL

I LOVE it!

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That is one awesome sight. Reminds me of Butchard Gardens in Victoria BC Did the rock mason do the rock on both the pond and pool? What part of the country are you located in? What a beautiful vantage point(deck) from which to survey your surroundings. You must have a gardener to manage all of the landscaping. He must love working on that yard, what a setting.

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Butchart Gardens? In my dreams! Maybe I just put my best pictures in. Really, I'm glad y'all like the landscaping. I can't wait until the pool area is done though. And we've had help with design, but the gardening is done by me so "he" is actually "she" and I do love it;) DH is in charge of the grass only (mows and edges).

The pond rock work is actually a sore spot. After several reconstructions, it is still not how I originally wanted it. So I try to cover most of it up with plants!

snookums- I cannot visualize things at all so this was all the pool designer. I first thought he was joking! But here it is :)

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Tell me more about your deck and the process you had done to make it the color it is today.


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Sorry you're not getting to swim, but your pool...heck, your whole backyard is just a dream! Nice work!

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Aimee- They poured the concrete, then threw down different colored powders, then started stamping it. The next day they washed it off and sealed it with a stained sealer. A few days later they cut 3 foot squares in it. It's too orange for me and they're supposed to add some red to the last seal coat.

PS: High today of 54°! This is really ridiculous. We skipped Fall and went straight into Winter. I'm sure it will warm back up?? Please?? It's actually not unusual to be wearing short sleeves on Thanksgiving here in GA.

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Absolutely beautiful! I'm with Kelly, Heat that sucker up! (Ok, at least you have the spa!)

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Okay guys... Heat it up we did (air temp 80s, pool temp 80s). I took a swim today (after the usual yardwork) and WOW. It really is sweet swimming in your own backyard! This is going to be great!! My husband said he wondered when he'd get this reaction from me.

We have been using the spa nearly nightly and I took a dare to jump in the pool one night when it was in the 60s (air and pool temp). Actually, I wanted to be the first one to swim in our pool so I did the "polar bear" thing. Yikes!

Thanks for all of the encouragement! I'm not pouting anymore. Just smiling :)

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Wow, what a beautiful setting. I also live in the northern suburbs of Atlanta. I was wondering who did your rock coping etc. Looks like they did a great job. I would love to get their info and give them a call.

Thank you

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Georgia Pool & Spa did all of the rock work. They are located in Alpharetta which is also where we live. Where are you?

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Thank you. I actually talked to them and had a quote done. They seem like a great company. However, I went the owner/builder route. I was just wondering if it was a sub for them or do they have their own rock guys? Since I did not use them I doubt they would tell me (I do not blame them). I am in Hamilton Mill. One exit north of the Mall of Ga.

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We know the guys that do their stone work. Gus & Tulio. Give me your email & I'll give you their #'s.

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That is a beautiful backyard. Great set up. Looks like a resort. I hope those snakes aren't dangerous. OOOH!

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Thank you,

my email is bkentac@yahoo.com

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Great pool! what color pebble did you get and do you have pics with water. I am doing black pearl and your tiles look like they would match beautifully, what is the name and manufacturer of your tiles.

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