T&S Brass?

colin3August 6, 2011

Does anyone have experience with T&S Brass faucets?

They're made for the food service industry, but I like the styling, and there's much flexibility in terms of sizes, handles etc. once you dig into their catalog. Not cheap, but less expensive than luxury residential brands.

e.g. http://www.chicagofaucetshoppe.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=TS-MPZ-8DCN-08

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I've used them for commercial and laundry room installations. No problems - if that's your question.

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Thanks! I'm mainly trying to figure out if there's any reason not to use them in a residential kitchen. That's obviously not their market, but I can't see an obvious safety or regulatory issue.

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In the GW kitchen forum I've commented on this subject a couple times. Go web search over there. For some of these discussions, keywords would be "davidro1 + aliris19 + brass"

I've emailed T&S about this a few times. I think they give honest answers. Email them and post the results.

I comes down to this: the spray is strong, can cause sprayback, and might even rip apart that batch of soft leaf spinach that you are preparing to eat.

Some of their spray nozzles are lowflow.
Some are too high GPM (quantity of water flow) unless water is free where you live.
Both are designed for washup applications. It doesn't matter how much splash happens.

The residential market is all about eliminating splash.
Aerators do this.
Web search Neoperl and learn more about aerating water flows.
Post your results.

I predict T&S or a competitor will bring new products out that are designed to spray spinach and other soft leaf foods.

I don't know why this has not been a hot topic in restaurant kitchens and commercial kitchens. Perhaps they soak their spinach and rinse several times, instead of leaving leafy greens under a running spray.

An aerated "regular shape" water stream is the strong requirement, AFAIK.

A veggie spray (as a second spray option on a faucet) is not a strong requirement. This is because an aerated "regular shape" water stream does perform the veggie rinse operation very well TOO.

"davidro1 + aliris19 + brass"

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Thanks, Davidro, that was very helpful. I found
and you've given me some more keywords to search on. It does seem like sprayers are designed to knock dirt off plates, and if they do that they can probably splash you too. Clearly pressure and spray pattern matter too.

T&S sells aerators, including some that appear to fit pre-rinses, though would an aerator on a pre-rinse defeat its purpose?

Re GPM, what's weird is that the residential regulatory maximum, 2.2 GPM, is higher than the maximum for restaurants (1.6 GPM?) So all the residential units, including the Kohler discussed in your other thread, are rated at 2.2, while the T&S I link above is rated at 1.48, and T&S sells other rinse heads rated at 1.28 and 0.65 (!) GPM.

FWIW I'm looking mainly for cleanup purposes -- I'm planning a separate prep sink with a kinder and gentler faucet.

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OK "mainly for cleanup purposes -- I'm planning a separate prep sink with a kinder and gentler faucet."

Then I would feel very OK with one of the new low-flow T&S Brass sprays.

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