Repiping -- help with shower plumbed on exterior wall

munkayaAugust 20, 2013

We are planning to replace all of the polybutylene piping in our house with either CPVC or PEX. While somewhat nervous in general about the "turnkey" job that will leave the house looking the exact same or better, we are especially nervous about repiping the master bath. We have double shower heads with one located on an exterior wall.

Will the plumbers have to access through the tile? I am having nightmares about broken and shattered tiles. The exterior wall is brick, so that wouldn't be fun either. I would guess that there are one or two studs between the interior wall and the shower head, so not sure if you can access it that way either. Repiping the entire house except for the one side of the shower seems like testing Fate or Lady Luck.

Would repiping with PEX be any easier vs. CPVC? Augh!!

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They will not be able to do anything without breaking into your walls.

I say if it's working, leave it alone.

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Greenleaf Plumbing, LLC

I had the same problem than repiping my old PB pipes. In the final version, I chose PEX tubing. It will cost you about $60 for hundred feet.

Here is a link that might be useful: pex for plumbing

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I think there was a lot of untruth on the polybutylene situation, mostly by the class-action lawyers. Unless you actually have a problem, I would leave it as it is. The problem, from my perspective was not with the piping, but with the fittings.
For your repipe, if you go that direction, use PEX. Why not leave the shower pipes in the wall as they are and connect them to PEX where they are exposed in the basement or crawl space?
Quest fittings can be used for exposed locations.
Changing the shower piping later, if necessary, will not be more difficult because you waited.

Here is a link that might be useful: Quest

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