selecting a tower faucet for vessel sink

ZophieAugust 5, 2013

I am copying an idea from by converting an old sewing cabinet into a bathroom cabinet for my daughter's bathroom. The dimensions of the cabinet are 31"tall, 24" wide and 17.5" deep. Because the cabinet is only 31" tall and I prefer a taller vanity, I am adding a 3cm granite slab on top and a vessel sink that I just bought on ebay that's 13" round and 5.25 tall.

I need help picking the right height tower faucet to complete the project. It needs to be tall enough, but not too awkwardly tall since the sink is only 5.25" tall.

Also, there is no overflow valve in the sink. Would you recommend a popup or grid drain? Is the sink so small that a grid is more appropriate? Even though my daughter is 20, she's an artist and a bit spacey!

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I like the faucet spout to be 4 to 5 inches above the sink rim.

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