Pool and Pasture (gettin there)

jenifernOctober 26, 2006

Well we have a great view and it's finally coming together. I hope this works we'll get more posted when we have some water! The leaves are changing and it's a beautiful time of year!

We've been working on the pasture and the pool at the same time. The black lab loves running down the hill chasing her ball.








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I guess I need remedial photo posting training....I'll try this again later...:)

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You have gorgeous views. Congrats on a very nice looking pool! Where in NC are you located? It looks like the mountains.

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yours looks gorgeous!!

Maybe mine is too Santa Clara, CA Mission City?
I was born in CA and love my look too.
Everyone elses pools look so tame colored.

Well mine will take some getting used to.


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Thanks! It is, we overlook Kings Mountain and Crowders Mountain. We're surrounded by state park on three sides. We have less than 10 acres but it feel like hundreds, and is very private. I'll try to post pics of plaster and mosaics later. They are working on my sheer descent and plumbing today. The pool is 6 inches from full right now. Woohoo!


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