Rebar/Plumbing/Gunite Pics

shibasruleOctober 7, 2006

Here is Day 4-rebar,Day 8-plumbing & Day 16-gunite.

The doggies seem to really be wondering about all this!!

We are now waiting on electric, tile & coping.

My Shias Beau & Mayako inspect rebar:

Our Golden Retriever, Ralf inspects the plumbing:

the gunite truck train down our street and the rest:

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Congrat's on your new pool, the platform is awesome!!!

Do you want to know what's better than 3 material trucks backed up to a compressor at a jobsite?
3 water dogs waiting to take their first swim!!!

I've found that they're as equally excited about pool progress as children.

Thanks for supporting the industry with your new pool purchase. You'll soon find out what all the buzz about pool ownership is all about. I promise you this, both kids and dogs love pools. I hope you live in a warm climate where you can enjoy having a pool as quickly as they do, LMAO!!!!

See ya,

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