Almost there...pool is done!

maggies_momOctober 3, 2005

Pool is finished...swam for the first time on Friday night. WOW! We are so pleased with everything. Love the midnight blue PT and the stone work. We're almost there...have one set of stone steps, cover retaining wall with stone, the fireplace and ALOT of landscaping then we'll be finished. Can't wait!

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Beautiful! I'm smiling for you! The midnight blue PT is gorgeous and the color varies with your different angles. What kind of fireplace are you building? (our fire pit was just finished Sat) Will you be doing the landscaping yourselves?


PS: I'd recognize that red dirt anywhere!

Here is a link that might be useful: My pool progress/pics

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Another Ga Pool customer that we met told us about a service offered by Pikes. They send a pro out to do a design for a fee. They used a guy that has been on HGTV. He is really great. You then get a discount coupon that works for 2 years at Pikes. They have professional installers that they recommend. It's great because you can do some yourself & contract the big items. I love to dig in the dirt but now I'll know that I'm putting the right plants in the right places. We're doing an outdoor fireplace exactly like we one we saw on this site. My husband is sorry I ever found this site since I've upgraded so much after seeing things I like. It was a great weekend for swimming! I hope this weekend is as nice... When will you finish? You're really making progress.

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We actually used Pike's design service a few years ago. I didn't really like the designer or her plan so we didn't implement any of it, but did enjoy the 10% discount for 2 years anyway! I think the key is getting the right person over.

I don't know when we'll finish. The pool has been at the same basic stage for over a week. Until now, it has moved very fast IMO. Funny how right after we gave them a large check, everything slowwwed dowwwn ;)

My husband feels the same as yours. Though I sent him a link to Boby's cat swimming and he got as big a kick out of it as I did. Too funny!

Here is a link that might be useful: My pool progress/pics

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Love the stone work do you know what kind it is and the coping to ?

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The stone mason called it Ozark. The stoneyard called it Oklahoma. The pool company called it browns & tans. You're guess is as good as mine as to what it really is. I really freaked out when it was delivered. It looked like grey gravel until they chipped away at it. We lucked out on the coping. It is 3 inches thick & beautiful. Where are you in Maryland? I grew up in Annapolis. I have better photos of it at home (single rocks stacked up). I can post them on Friday night or Saturday if you'd like.

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maggies mom-

Your pool looks great... I'd love to see more close-up pics if you have time?

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