Our pool process has begun!!!

aqua_manOctober 18, 2005
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Way to go Aqua Man!
It looks great. You do know that you appear to have a "merperson" in your pool...I've heard that's good luck!
What are the details of your pool? size, what finish you're going with,decking, etc? We crave details!

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Thanks rheddhedd! I told the pool diggers that I wanted that "merperson" out of the hole, but like you, they said it was good luck. :-)

Ok, our pool details:

550 sq ft free form pool with a moss rock waterfall (5'h X 8'w) - 12" raised beam on each side of the waterfall.

8' x 14' baja shelf.

2 Hayward Colorlogic pool lights

Diamond Brite finish (Tahoe Blue or Midnight Blue or something in between)

Aztec Cobalt tile

Solar heated

Salt water chlorinator (Goldline AquaLoogic P4 wireless control)

2 Pentair Whisper flow pumps

Pentair Clean & Clear 520 filter

Polaris 280 pool cleaner

Approx 850 sq ft of decking (salt finish) - Because our existing patio is salt finish

I think that about covers it. We are doing an owner build in the Sacramento area. I would not have taken the owner build route if it wasn't for this great web site.

What part of the process are you in?

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just finished a 7 day dig (can you say rock?)
No merpeople in our pool, after 7 days of jackhammering, I'm sure they fled. We are considering by-passing gunite and pebble-tec and just polishing the granite sides! =D

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That's great, Sally - your post made me laugh. I am sure you weren't laughing when you had to jackhammer the rock. We had about a 1/2 a day worth of jackhammering. Hopefully everything else is a downhill slide from here for you.


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7 days of jackhammering???? Oh my! LOL on polishing the granite :-P

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Hi Aqua_Man,

You pool already looks great. Keep sending photos as it progress.

I have just starting the process and I am looking for a list of Subs in Sacramento region.

Can you give the list of the subs you are working with?

Thank you,

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