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jescatSeptember 2, 2008

Hi, I am in the process of building a new pool (Miami, FL). I have been reading through this forum for some time now and just wanted to say how nice it is to have REAL people posting REAL information. We are building a smaller 15x25 foot freeform pool. It was the size that worked in our backyard that also left adequate entertaining space. One of the compenents that I haven't seen anyone talk about is 3M Aqua Pearl finish (which is what we have decided on).

I am anxious for the build to get underway...supposedly tomorrow the "dig" starts!!! If any of you have ANY suggestions or IDEAS, please feel free to post them. I'll be looking forward to sending pics!

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You might have success with input if you post this under "Discussions" This is the "Gallery" for posting pics only.

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