Standard 14 x 28 Pool

last_mangoSeptember 25, 2005

By request, here are some more pics of my pool. I guess my original thread got bumped off. We did the standard pool company package for the only size that would fit in our yard (based on town code). It's been an amazing summer with a pool - I don't think we could have possibly enjoyed it any more had it been any bigger. For fun, I thought I'd put in some photos of the process, too:

Sunset after a hard day of play - I also tried to give an idea of the size based on our backyard (30 x 100):

The beginning - yikes - the dig hitting water at 4' deep:

Hey, what happened to my front yard?

After gunnite, the guy doing the steps was fun to watch:

Tile and coping:

Florida Gem finish (sky blue) around the turtle mosaic:

Filled with city water (ugh):

Finally, clean, clear water (love that salt water generator!):

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It looks absolutely wonderful! I know you did enjoy it this summer. I don't think I have seen the finished pictures so thanks for sharing! I remember when you started the dig! Enjoy!

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What sort of city codes did you run into? We have a 35x60 foot back yard (not counting the side yards) although we also have a 6ft easement behind our back fence line that helped. We have a 10 ft setback off of the property line for the water line so in reality we only needed it about 5 feet from fence to water.

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Thank you so much for posting these!

I actually think I am going to start a small yard/small pool thread.

Our yard is 23x50 and the pool will be 14x28 so I'm sure you can tell why I'm asking around! We could go smaller on the pool, but I wanted at least a decent sized pool, too. We'll still have a good patio/bbq area. We have to be 3 feet from the property lines and 5 feet from the house. The backyard is a rectangle, and the pool will be pushed to the far back right of the rectangle, with 3 feet to the back fence and 3 feet to the side right fence, 6 feet from the house, and 22 feet from the left fence (not including the spa in those measurements, which will jut out to the left an additional 3.5 feet or so. So it's still a good amount of room. But still...

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Gayle - Thanks! It's been pretty intense ever since the dig, it seems - there is always so much to be done out in the yard. I love working out there, but for everything I get done, there are a hundred (it seems) that I don't. I still have a lot more landscaping, sod, patio cover, lighting, etc. Did you close your pool yet? It's still hot here! Did you ever get your electrical problem figured out?

EBSPGZ - Our codes require 5' from inside waterline to house and 10' to back lot line. In the end, I'm happy with the size of the pool and the extra room along the fence to plant stuff (which seems to be my newest obsession). We could have gone longer, but then it wouldn't have fit in the "standard" size anymore and would have upped the cost too much.

Snookums ~getting more comfortable with the term :-), You're welcome. Sounds like you will have a fun yard when you're done. Hey, the spa will probably even make the pool seem bigger - we're gonna do a stand alone someday off in the corner (add that to my "to do" list). I'll go post on your small yard thread to get it started...

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Our backyard is 55 wide and 44 deep from the edge of the patio to the fence. Our pool will take up half of it basicly. We still want grass and we have a small garden in the back corner as well with some citrus trees. We are still in the fencing and irrigation part of the "re-build".........

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Some landscaping thoughts and photos.

We have planted a lot around the pool. Amazing how fast things have grown and yet how much more there is to do! We have many palms: traveler (not really a palm, but a great poolside plant), bamboo palm, foxtail & christmas (both very "clean" palms), coconut, alexander, montgomery, triangle, areca (have to keep up with that), and bismark & spindle (both in front yard).

We have bamboo (clumping, not running - save your breath - I LOVE bamboo) ~ black, sunburst, and hawaiian stripe. They are placed further away to avoid the leaves/casings from dropping in the pool.

Lots of vines: passion flower, sky and dutchman's pipe (both got wiped out by hurricane Wilma, but are slowly making a comeback), bleeding heart, black-eyed susan, and some type of thryallis.

I also have crotons, jatropha (great hardy plant with a constant red flower), buddha belly (cool looking), plumeria, ruellia, many hibiscus, angel/devil trumpets (another fast grower with a unique look), some florida natives (cocoplum, salt & pepper, beauty berry, lantana, necklace pod), some heliconias, various clerodendrums, banana trees, and more I can't remember...

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Thanks for the palm pix. We are just at that point of decision for our landscape. We want to do a "tropical" theme around the pool and are finding there are soooooooo many palms. It's nice to know which are pool friendly...I do not want to spend time chasing palm droppings from the pool! I am not a good plant person. I'm afraid my thumbs are far from green. What are the most independent (needing the least help from me) of the palms?
Thanks for your help,

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Sally, I think my Christmas palms (the third picture above shows them with my traveler palm that I really like, too, behind my pool) are probably the easiest. I've heard they're susceptible to "lethal yellowing disease", but we don't have that in our area. The foxtails, alexanders, and montgomery are all "self-cleaning", too. I'm not sure what water requirements they have - we use a free-flowing artesian well with sprinkler system to water them (for free) every other day.

Have fun, I never grew anything until I started the landscaping after the pool. I knew I wanted palms and bamboo and after reading on the Florida Gardening forum here I learned so much about other stuff that will grow. Very cool to pick it out, plant it, and watch it all yourself!

You're in Arizona, right? There's a forum for you, too...

Here is a link that might be useful: Arizona Gardening Link

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Just a recent photo to show some of the plant growth around the pool:

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Last Mango, your pool is gorgeous and I love your dog is it a french bulldog?. We have a boston terrier and they look a bit alike.Does he like the water (could be she of course).

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Well, it's summer and things are really starting to take off in the garden. I'm posting some recent landscaping pics to show the growth - especially for those of you who helped in my original "hide the shed" dilema!

Obviously we're still in the middle of many projects - another patio, fountain, patio cover, sod, rock wall, etc. We love being out in the yard (the pool makes it great) and prefer to do all the projects ourselves. Currently DH is revamping the outside shower - hooray!

Tina, (just saw your comment this morning), Thanks, yes he is a french bulldog. He goes nuts when we're in the pool - unless he's on the boogie board in the middle of things. He's not a great swimmer (too dense), but he now knows where the steps are and can make it to them. We never let him around the pool unless we're there, though.

The shed is almost gone... This is mostly a passion flower vine with great flowers (although there is a black-eyed susan in there, too):

The bamboo is doing great!

Palms, dwarf poinciana just starting to bloom, and the beginnings of our fountain:

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Wow!!! Your plants really took off!!! Everything looks great; it's obvious you put a lot of love into your garden. What in the world is that amazing looking flower in the close up photo?!

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Hi Amy, Thanks. I'm really happy with the way things are growing. It all got pretty beat down last year after hurricane Wilma and then it was a slow winter. BUT, now things are bursting.

I love picking out the plants, planting them, and then watching them - it's like three 'gifts' in each plant!

The close-up is a passionflower. There are hundreds of varieties, and this particular one bears fruit. Right now the vine is loaded with flowers - very cool looking.

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wow,nice job. We will be doing some "dressing up" of the yard just as soon as we get the additional pavers done, which will be mid June or so. (they are on order) I want simple and easy stuff so my husband doesn't have to slave over it.....great job though !

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Things really went wild this summer. What a great time to have a pool in Florida. It has been HOT. I love lounging in the pool and watching thes plants grow!

Hey, here's my outdoor shower, too. It's fabulous, built by dh!

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great thread.....Il be getting a 14.6 by 28.6 pool.

dig in a few weeks.ill post pics.

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Time sure flies... I spent ALL day out by the pool yesterday. After several years, I'm still thrilled with our pool and the family (and all the visitors) still really enjoy it. The kids continue to swim and have not tired of it. I LOVE it after a day working in the yard.

Here's a couple of pics that show the changing landscape:

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I remember seeing pics of the gate your dh made & it's so cute. Don't stop posting pics of your pool progress ~ I enjoy looking at them :)

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It's been a long time! Plants are still growing like crazy and someone asked for an update...

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"Our codes require 5' from inside waterline to house and 10' to back lot line."

last_mango -- You are in FL, yes? Are these setback distances state regulations, county regulations, or municipal regulations? If county, which county are you in? I've been searching like crazy to find the regs for Sarasota City/County, but am coming up empty. Any thoughts as to where I can find it...?

Many thanks in advance,
- B. -

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