Decking is done...husband almost in tears!

ima_chihuahuaSeptember 17, 2008

We had our decking poured on Monday and the guys did an amazing job. I am very happy with how it turned out. Unfortunately, my DH feels differently.

He didn't want to upset me so he kept quiet but after 2 nights of not being able to sleep, he had to vent so he told me that when he looks at it he gets "sick to his stomach" because of how much decking there is and the fact that it is only brushed cement as opposed to something fancier.

We just didn't have enough money to upgrade the decking so we agreed that plain cement would be fine. Once he saw it, he was horrified. I, on the other hand, am making lemonade from this lemon. I think it looks fine and next year when we get some umbrellas and a conversation area plus some lounge chairs and major landscaping, it will all come together.

I guess it doesn't help that there is no water in the pool yet. It looks like one humongous, white parking lot in my yard.

Anyway, I talked him down from the ledge and convinced him that it will all be okay. Here are 2 photos that he managed to take before he fainted. I am going to take my own and post them tomorrow but let me know what you all think. Thanks for listening!


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I thinks it looks really nice. Maybe once it is all done up with chairs and plants, your hubby will feel better.


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I think it looks really good. We are also trying to budget in the deck. We are thinking of going with 800 sq.ft of washed gravel ($7800) as opposed to the same amount in sun deck ($10,300).

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I think it looks fine. The nice thing about concrete is that in a year or two (or when budget permits), you can still apply Sundeck or something similar to get color and texture.

It looks stark right now because there's no furniture, landscaping or a filled pool to detract from the vast expanse of gray. Once the other elements are there, it should be much better.

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