Tub drain without screen OK for septic ?

daft_punkAugust 10, 2010

I just replaced the hot water heater and nearly all the plumbing in my home. The bathtub/shower, and kitchen fixtures got replaced as well.

When I finally finished it all, my wife made an observation about the tub drain. She noticed that the new "toe-tap" design doesn't have a screen like the old one did. As a consequence, hair that would have stayed up top during a shower now goes down the drain.

My question...will allowing a pinch of hair to go down the drain every day screw up our septic system ? Would reverting to the old-style screen drain keep our leach-field clear of hairballs ??

Thanks for any (useful) responses !

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I don't believe you have a problem unless we're talking about an abnormal amount of hair, in which case you'd probably have clogged drains rather than hairballs in the leachfield. Most tub drains I've seen do not have screens, though you may need to occasionally unscrew the toe-tap stopper and check the immediate drain area for any accumulation of hair and muck.

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