I've been through FL with a house with no name...

jterrilynnMarch 10, 2014

It felt good to be out of the rain/snow lol (America, horse with no name)). Anyhow, I bought this 83' house that has no identity except that somewhere in the back of someone's piped out dreams it all wanted to be midcentury style but never made it. On top of that it's been muddled over the years too almost the point of no return. The cost of giving it a full identity is prohibitive to the neighborhood, plus the neighborhoods HOA's rules are not conducive to going full Monte. An example is that if one needs a new roof it must be cement tile or a barrel look cement tile. So, I'm giving it a small (very small) nod to it's wanna be self.

The room in question is the master bathroom. It will be gutted!

Would you all please share photos of master baths that give a nod to a look that may work in this wanna be house?

I really need some inspiration.

(((Or, can you help me get in touch with certain elements I should look for.)))

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You are in luck. I have been working my way through 938 bathroom photos.

see the link

Here is a link that might be useful: 938 photos of bathrooms

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Thanks for that MTN! I think IâÂÂm starting to get a grip on my likes although IâÂÂm still not through all the pictures. I think I want some sort of contemporary brass fixtures, taps and such. Do you think that would be weird? I like brass.

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Here's a link with all bathroom with brass fixtures.

Here is a link that might be useful: bathroom with brass fixtures.

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Not at all, brass is back. I just got brass for one of the bathrooms in our vacation house. I wanted it for the kitchen too but could not find the style i wanted in unvarnished brass. I don't want the yellow brass that never changes...

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mtn - Have you seen the post from threeapples about discoloration on her counter? There was some speculation that it was caused by her brass faucet. Don't have time to search for the specific post but I thought you should have a heads up.

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No, I didn't see that. Thanks Deee, I will go look. It ended up that I only used brass in the girls' bath, and they have glass tile and a porcelain sink so I'm probably ok ... but I will look!

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Mtn, if you happen to come across non-shiny more transitional looking facet brands let me know.

Yayagal, I saw some great idea's on that site. One was a vanity with a slate tile countertop, loved that. I'm so bored with the countertop solid material search and the installer search and how it resembles buying a used car.

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