Hidden floor drain? Help.

grandmumAugust 1, 2013

Moved into old house and am just getting familar with the plumbing. I found what I think is a floor drain hidden under some wood with a tshirt stuffed into it. Im not sure what to do with it? I see some standing water in it.

I have a seperate sump pit with working pump. This "hole" is about 20 feet away from it. There is also a seperate small floor drain that the condensate flows into about 10 feet from it. Abouyt 3 feet away from the hidden drain there is a drain in the stairwell of a walkout......

Without you being able to see it perhaps I wont get much help here, can anyone venture a guess?

Should I uncover it and put a cover on it? Or perhaps plug it with a rubber stopper? Since it was intentionally hidden under wood and a shirt was stuffed in it I cant venture to guess what the previous owners were thinking?

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To add

Its actually does not have a trap or cleanout. There is no standing water. It 4" pipe that narrows to 2 1/2". Poured a few buckets down and it flowed freely but NOT into the sump pit as I was thinking.

What is this?

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It sounds like a cleanout. It the previously owner had a rag stuffed in it itâÂÂs a good indication that either water or odor was coming out. IâÂÂd plug it (not with a rag) and monitor the drain system for a while.

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The sewer main is 30 feet away and looks like it drains above this pipe that is at floor level.

Is it safe to assume this is a storm drain? (No visible trap, smells more musty than sewage like.)

Unless you think this is a bad idea, I think I am going to put a 4" test plug on it and monitor the situation. What ramifications should I consider if it backs up?

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I am guessing that the ramification could only be less than those with a t-shirt stuffed in the hole.

Perhaps the only way to be sure is get one of the companies out with the camera and scope the line.

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IM still trying to sort out the new (old) basement.

This drainpipe is also not flush with the basement floor, theres a 3 inch concrete pad around it which would suggest maybe its a cleanout instead of a floor drain since its not flush with the floor?

But if its a cleanout, would there be water in it? A little bit the other day and today alot more after a stormy/rainy night.

In addition to this the only other plumbing/drain pipes I can see is the sump pit, the drain and cleanout below the laundry tub and a small floor drain on the otherside of the room being used to collect HVAC condensate.

The main sewer stack (and its cleanout assuming this is the main cleanout for house) is about 3 feet higher than the basement floor and these other drains I mention.

So I guess I am confused if this is a sanitary or storm drain or cleanout?

There is no outside cleanout I see and the downspouts drain freely onto the grass not into underground drains. The road we live on doesnt appear to have curbs/normal storm sewers that I am used to seeing.

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