How do you hang a mirror so it tilts?

gretchenvonMarch 15, 2013

I want to hang a mirror so that the top part tilts away from the wall - downward - the way you sometimes see paintings in old European buildings. Can anyone tell me how to do this? Thanks.

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The mirror will need to hang from a wire that is attached lower than the top of the mirror. The further down and the longer the wire, the more it will tilt. I ignorantly hung one over my fireplace by the brackets attached on the top of the frame. Now it just reflects the ceiling!

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Annie Deighnaugh

Attach the wire below the center of the mirror and it will tilt forward and reflect the room....attach the wire above the mid point and it will lean back and reflect the ceiling.

I did that with my PR mirror and it reflects the surroundings and the person at the sink nicely.

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Brilliant. Thank you both.

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Keep in mind that if you hang from a picture rail rather than concealed behind the frame, the attachment point is more crucial; the smallest difference there makes a huge difference when the hang point is far above the frame.
To fine-tune the angle, you can stick self-adhesive felt pads at the lower corners of the frame;that angles it back up toward the ceiling a bit.

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I like to use D-ring hangers screwed to the frame rather than simple screw eyes for heavy things like mirrors, particularly when hanging them from a longer wire.

If I'm not tilting them, I often hang the D-rings directly on the picture hooks, unless the sides of them are particularly visible when entering or being in the room. Measuring is more critical, but it makes them very stable.

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I just taped a styrofoam block to the back of the mirror and then hung it as usual. Worked a charm...the mirror was away from the wall at the top and against the wall at the bottom. You couldn't see the block, even from the side.

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The block is a brilliant idea, because you can adjust the tilt simply by moving the block... without having to calculate where to drill those little holes.

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